Make Your Bedroom into a Master Retreat

When you hear the words master retreat, what immediately comes to mind? A large bedroom with tall ceilings? Attached spa-like bathroom? Private patio? Whatever those images are, the idea of a master retreat is sure to include appealing beautiful furniture like that available at Ashley Furniture.

Let’s consider some must-have elements of a gorgeous master retreat and a few “wouldn’t that be wonderful” items, too.

A Spacious Room with Lots of Light

To attain that peaceful retreat you dream of; you’ll need space, preferably a room with a soaring ceiling if you’re fortunate. If the available space is not as large as you would like, large windows or sliding doors can make your bedroom seem larger than it is. At the same time, the glass will allow for lots of natural light to flow in. (If you’re someone who has the luxury of sleeping in, consider window coverings that block out the morning sun.

An En-suite Bath

An attached bathroom doesn’t have to be large to give you that spa-look. You can add art, towels, and accessories that say luxury and give you that spa-like feel. An upscale stool or pouf is a practical item that that can also add to the look you’re going for.

The Best Furniture and Bedding Your Budget Will Allow

When you’re creating that special master retreat where you can rest and relax, you’ll want to select the best quality furniture and mattress your budget will allow and the most luxurious bedding you can afford. Ashley Furniture is one source you’ll want to consider. A master retreat would not be complete without soft, comfortable bedding and that includes a mattress pad, bed pillows, sheets, comforter, and decorative pillows and shams if you wish.

A Sitting Area if Space is Available

Few areas in the bedroom say retreat like a comfortable sitting area, whether it’s two lounge chairs on either side of an occasional table or a grouping that includes a loveseat, chairs, cocktail table, and side tables, what a luxury to have a comfortable spot to enjoy before you’re ready for bed.

Elegant Lighting

If your bedroom doesn’t already have a chandelier, consider adding one. The elegant look it will add is more than worth the cost. Pendant lights or wall lamps on either side of the bed are exceptionally functional if you like to read in bed. They’ll also add to the warm glow in the room.

As you begin dreaming and planning for your perfect master retreat, you’ll want to locate an online store, where you can buy quality furniture. This will be paramount in your quest to create the most beautiful bedroom retreat you can afford. Consider all the elements we’ve talked about above and explore many more you’ll think of and others you’ll encounter along the way. Here’s to your successful interior design project!