Must-have fashion items when you are visiting Paris

Visiting Paris is a dream that every girl has had since she was a little child. The city of romance and fashion has amazing places to visit with your loved one and have a romantic dinner and long walks on the riverside and many luxurious boutiques where you can do shopping all day long with your best friend after having a delicious breakfast next to the Eiffel Tower and taking several selfies. But, in the city of the most famous designers and French fashion brands such as Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, you know that you have to look stylish when you are going to walk around the astonishing city. Read below what are the fashion tips you need to follow in order to look exactly like a Parisian stylish woman.

Stick to simplicity

Even if you see numerous trends that are incredibly complex with clothes with different patterns and crazy colors when you watch the catwalks at the Fashion Week, you need to be aware that it is all just for the show. Parisian women do not normally dress like that on every day basis when they go to their jobs or supermarkets. They prefer simplicity more than anything when it comes to the way they dress, simply does not necessarily mean boring as you might think, they actually make it look incredibly classy. Neutral colors are always the number one choice for them such as black and white scheme.

Wear a beret

You probably know that berets are one of the most popular items in Parisian fashion for a long time. A red beret is surely going to make you feel like a veritable French girl. If you still do not own one, do not worry, there are many boutiques in Paris where you can buy an authentic one that you can brag with when you go back home to your friends that it is an iconic export from Paris.  

Avoid high heels

You have probably seen numerous pictures online with French girls wearing high heels on the streets, but let me tell you a secret: it is just because they are probably fashion models promoting famous brands, they do not wear high heels except for events that require them such as a party. Firstly, the streets in Paris are mostly made with cobblestones which means it is going to be a challenge for you to walk on with high heels since they are also incredibly slippery. Flat shoes such as sandals or boots, depending on the season when you are going to visit Paris, are the most suitable choice since you are also going to walk a lot around the city to visit museums and beautiful sights all day long. However, you should consider having a pair of elegant high heels for the times when you are going to have a dinner on the Champs-Elysees and you would want to wear a classic dress to have an elegant outfit.

Wear black sunglasses

Sunglasses are an amazing accessory that fits any outfit that you are planning to wear wherever you are going to Paris. It is definitely a must-have item when you are visiting the city of fashion if you want to look stylish. Parisians have a great culture for wearing sunglasses, especially retro ones, and you can find there a wide variety of them in different shapes and sizes that you can also buy as souvenirs for all your friends back home.

Trench coat

You should not leave from home without making sure that you have a trench coat packed in your bag. This clothing item is perfect for all the time of the day from the morning until the evening and it works perfectly with whatever you are wearing underneath no matter if it is a dress or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the shoes even if it looks like a classier item but it does not necessarily mean that you have to wear high heels, it matches perfectly with sneakers as well. Parisian girls love wearing trench coats with a lot of flair and style wherever they are going because it is the perfect solution for the days when you “have nothing to wear”.

The power of red lipstick

No, it is not just a myth, Parisian girls really wear red lipstick all the time, no matter what time of the day it is. You might think that such a strong color should be worn on your lips only during the evenings or nights. However, French girls like breaking this rule and they are doing an amazing job. Red lipstick is one of the things that made them be known as a symbol of style, class, and beauty. So, do not be afraid to wear it as confident as they do.

Rock your outfit with a leather jacket

Leather jackets are to be found anywhere in Paris because the citizens of it love to combine the retro with the modern. Even if you are not a fan of the rock and roll style, it does not mean that you have to go all black to wear a leather jacket, learn from the Parisians and see that you can wear it with any type of outfit, whether is a dress or a jeans and t-shirt one, and you will look amazing. So, make sure you do not forget your leather jacket back home.

Jeans and the white t-shirt

Let’s be honest, there is nothing sexier than a woman that does not need too many accessories or sophisticated clothing items to look fabulous and goes for a simple outfit with a natural look. Parisians girls are well-known for being enormously stylish and beautiful without too many efforts. I have already told you many secrets that can make the “jeans and white t-shirt” outfit look amazing, combine them with a leather jacket and a red lipstick and you will look fabulous without spending to much time choosing what to wear and applying makeup.