155 Incredible Minimalist Tattoos That Will Make You Love Minimalism

Tattoos are amazing, aren’t they? There are so many different options to choose from that it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Not everyone is interested in getting a huge tattoo or even a very detailed one, and that’s okay. You may have thought to yourself how cool it would be to get a tattoo, but you didn’t want to go overboard.

You might be surprised to find out that there are a lot of tattoos that you can get that are very simple and minimal. There is no need to get anything big or out of control. Getting a tattoo that is small and simple could be the best way to showcase your personality. Tattoos have always been seen as a way of self-expression. Many people choose a tattoo that had a deeper meaning behind it. Not everyone needs to know what your tattoo is all about. It could be a way of remembering someone important in your life or it may have something to do with your favorite hobby. You can choose a tattoo that is minimal and still have it have a deeper meaning.

Tattoos are more popular than ever in society and it seems as if almost everyone has at least one tattoo. There are tattoos of all shapes and sizes. You may also be in a career where you are not able to have a large tattoo showing. Minimalist tattoos are great for teachers, or other career-minded people that are not allowed to show off a tattoo. We have a collection of tattoos that will give you some inspiration to find something that you love.

Check out these amazing minimalist tattoos:


Star Designs

Matching Styles

A Little More Detail

Sweet stars designs

Planetary systems

Minimalist design

Geometric Designs

There are lots of reasons why you should choose a minimalist tattoo:

  1. They Are Discreet

body tattoos have become more popular over the years. But there are still certain situations where you might not be able to wear a tattoo. The great thing about minimalist tattoos, they’re really small. There are certain jobs where you might not be able to wear a tattoo, for example, the funeral director, a kindergarten teacher, etc. these are places where tattoos might not be socially acceptable. This is a great time. To get a tattoo that is much more discreet. This way you can hide the tattoo and no one even knows you have. Unfortunately, we do live in a world where not everybody is okay with seen tattoos.

That’s a great thing about small tattoos, you can hide them. There are tons of amazing tattoos that you can try out and no one would ever know you had it. Small tattoos are easier to hide under clothing.

Cool Looks

  1. They Are a Great Beginner Tattoo

Maybe you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while. By starting off with the small and simple tattoo it’s not as big as a commitment if you were to get a really large one. It’s also a lot easier to hide if you have regrets about the tattoo. By getting a small tattoo, you can try out what it’s like to get a tattoo. That way you’ll know what it’s really like before you make a decision about larger tattoos. By choosing a small tattoo at first, you have less of a chance of regretting the tattoo afterward. It’s kind of like sampling the main course by choosing a sampler first.

Bold Choices

This tattoo we wouldn’t consider small of course, but the design itself is what is considered to be a minimalist tattoo.

3. It’s Less Painful

Small tattoos are less painful. It’s not that they’re not going to be painful at all, it’s just because the tattoo is small, you will have to deal with a lot less pain. Large tattoos typically take hours to create as well as sometimes you are even asked to come back on another day if the tattoo is unfinished. Small tattoos can take anywhere between 20 minutes or an hour depending on the detail of the tattoo. But it’s likely that you would be out in less than an hour for anything small. Small tattoos also require a single needle whereas if you were to get a larger tattoo, it would require many more needles and therefore be more painful.

When you get a minimalist tattoo there’s a lot less worry about infection and healing after the tattoo as well. The smaller the design the less time it will take for the tattoo to heal. A smaller tattoo is relatively pain-free because it doesn’t take as long. So if you have a low-pain tolerance, you might want to with a small tattoo.

Creative Looks

  1. They Are Great For Instagram

Many people get a tattoo because they want to show it off. There aren’t that many people who don’t want to show off their tattoos. If you are on Instagram, you have likely seen a lot of tattoos being posted.

Tattoos are always shared on Instagram because as we said before people love to show off tattoos. If you have a cute little tattoo, it’s the perfect one to show off online. You can even add the hashtag #tattoo to your post to go along with the other 120 million tattoo posts on the site. You can probably find a lot of inspiration on there as well for your tattoo.

Geometric Love

Again, this is a larger tattoo but the design itself that it minimalist. It’s a very simple design even though it looks very creative.

  1. They Can Be Part Of A Collection

many people who like small tattoos will often get more later on in life to go along with the tattoo. Tattoos are considered to be how one expresses their personality or their values to the outside world. It’s also a way that others as well showcase the love that they have for a loved one. It’s a visual reminder of things that they hold dear in their life. If you get one tattoo there’s a really good chance that you will get another. If you have a small tattoo, you can often get a collection of them. It’s almost like collecting charms for your charm bracelet. And when you get a small tattoo, you are leaving plenty of room for more.

Simple Shapes

  1. They Are So Easy To Remove

If you find that you do regret getting the tattoo after it’s completed, the great thing about getting a small tattoo is that they are easy to move. Even if you like the tattoo I first, you may choose down the road later on in life to get the tattoo removed. People change in life and that might mean that you’re not so much into tattoos later on. If you do have to get the tattoo removed, it’s likely that you’ll have to get it by laser. If you have a small tattoo, the laser removal procedure will be less painful and will take less time. People who have large tattoos often spend a lot of money trying to get them removed because of their size. Having to get a tattoo is not the most comfortable experience, a committed time-consuming, and very expensive. You are likely to feel the same level of pain as you did when you got the tattoo.

By getting a small tattoo that is more chance of it fading quickly and easier which will also make it less difficult to remove.

Line Designs

  1. You Can Incorporate New Things To It

the great thing about small tattoos is that you can always incorporate other things into your tattoo. Say later on in life, you decide that you don’t like the tattoo is much as you once did. You can always add to the tattoo to make it more of something that you like. For example, if you bought a butterfly tattoo, you can add a rose to it, you can add a background to it, you can add a quote to it. There are so many ways that you can adapt, rework or incorporate new things into your tattoo and create something that is completely new. Especially if you have decided that you want a larger tattoo, you can always I to the one that you already have, creating a new work of art.

Animal Tattoos

  1. They Will Age As Gracefully As You Do

The great thing about small and minimalist tattoos is that they will age much better. If you are someone who is worried about what your tattoo will look like when you are older, you are far better chance of selecting your tattoo later on in life if it’s smaller. Your body will change over time, especially if you decide to have children, gain weight, or just aging in general, and so will your tattoo. A tattoo is going to succumb to the signs of aging just like your skin does over time. Our skin eventually loses firmness and will even start to sag. A small tattoo will look much better than a larger piece later on in life.

Wrist Tattoos

  1. They Are Far Less Expensive

if you have a good tattoo artist you can pay upwards of $100 or $150 per hour for your tattoo. If you are getting a large tattoo you can easily spend 4 to 6 hours in the tattoo chair. Not everyone can afford to spend $600-1000 for a tattoo. If you are looking for something that is more budget-friendly, smaller tattoo is the way to go. As we said before can get a small tattoo completed in less than an hour so you would likely spend less than a hundred dollars the tattoo. Of course, it all depends on the tattoo artist that you choose, some are more expensive of less expensive than others, so make sure to shop around. Small tattoos will always be cheaper than larger ones so that maybe the way to go at least at the start.

Awesome Quotes

  1. We Love Tattoos

What better reasons get attacked to than the fact that they are just awesome. Regardless of how small they are tattoo is still a tattoo, and you are sure to love whatever you choose. Even if your tattoo is small, does that mean that it can’t be brilliant and just do some research on what you actually want before you get started.

As we said before small tattoos are a discreet way to start the world of tattooing. They are easy to get moved, less expensive and they are still a deeply personal way of getting what you want at the end.

Inspiration Tattoos

Hashtag Tattoos

Empowerment Tattoos

Who wouldn’t love a tattoo like this one? It’s the best way that you can empower yourself on a daily basis. By looking at this tattoo every day you remind yourself of your own personal mission.

Cute cartoons

Dog designs

So many people love to get tattoos, their fur babies to showcase the pets that they have in our lives.

Tiny shapes

Animals come in all shapes and sizes.

Floral designs

Unique looks

Scenery designs

This is a minimalist tattoo that has very little detail. The tattoo is essentially just made up of two lines. Even though it is a simple tattoo, it says a lot about the person. This girl was clearly interested in the outdoors as we see a mountain shape as well as an ocean shape. Just by the simple design, we learn a lot about the person who is wearing it.

Heart styles

The Reaper

Matching designs

This is a larger tattoo, but again the design itself is very simple. If you are looking to match a tattoo with a friend or a loved one, then this is the type of idea that you might be looking for.

Unusual Tattoos

If you are looking for something really different, try this sexy robot girl.

Travel Tattoos

For all those travel lovers out there, you can create a tattoo that showcases your love of travel. In this case, she has a little airplane. This could mean a few things, she could love flying, she could be a stewardess, she could be a pilot, or she could just love traveling.

Cute Tattoos

Softer Styles

This tattoo is different from others we have seen already. It has more detail than a lot of the tattoos we have seen already. It is still considered to be a minimalist tattoo because it’s still very simple.

Outline Tattoo

If you are interested in really big tattoos, you might find that getting an outline better. Think about getting just the outline, you end up with a more simple tattoo. It also has a lot less detail.


You don’t get much more simpler than this tattoo. It’s just a few numbers, and it obviously has a personal meaning to the person who got the tattoo.

Personal Message

There are a lot of people that like to get a tattoo that has a personal message. This one is all about loving mom. There are a ton of different tattoos that you can try out that are very expressive like this one.

Cool Silhouettes

There are plenty of tattoos available that can showcase your love for pop culture.


Puzzle Designs

You are sure to love a tattoo like this one for its creativity.

Skull Tattoos

This tattoo is darker than most but it’s all in the mood or vibe that you want to give out with your tattoo. The choice is completely up to you.

The sky is the limit for the amount of minimalist and simple tattoos that you can get. We always recommend that you do your research first regardless of the kind of tattoo that you want. This is supposed to be a permanent decision, you never want to have to go through having to get a tattoo removed. So it’s always best not to rush into getting a tattoo and always make sure that you really do love the tattoo that you choose.

We always recommend to also do your research when it comes to choosing a tattoo artist. Just like in any industry, not all tattoo artists are created equal. There are plenty out there with not as much experience as others and so on, so do your due diligence and make sure that you are picking an artist that has experience in the type of tattoo that you are looking for and who knows how to make the process was comfortable and safe for you as possible.

There are always ways of self-care after getting a tattoo as always listen to what your tattoo artist tells you to do after the tattoo completed. It’s always best to keep the area clean and dry as much as possible.

We hope that you have enjoyed the article and that you found the inspiration you need to find your own minimalist tattoo. Feel free to comment below on your favorite style and design.