155 Wedding Ring Tattoos: Everything You Should Know Before Getting Inked

Wedding rings are the traditional option when a loving couple ties the knot. They symbolize everlasting affection and commitment. They are a valuable piece of jewelry to portray and take pride in your love.

However, a new trend has challenged this widely accepted notion. Have you ever seen wedding ring tattoos before? If not, then you’d be surprised to know that they’re fast becoming a popular choice among partners. 

Wedding ring tattoos are a creative and interesting option if you’re looking for an alternative to conventional rings. These symbolic markings are placed on your left hand’s fourth finger. When you have a wedding ring tattoo, you may not have to wear the typical wedding band. 

However, as with any other long-term decision, it’s important to be well-informed. Make sure this kind of option is exactly what you want. To help you decide, this well-thought-out article will discuss everything you need to know about wedding ring tattoos. 


Wedding Ring Tattoos Explained 

A wedding ring tattoo is inked on your finger in place of a traditional band. When masterfully done, it will look just like an actual wedding ring. It creates the illusion of a piece of beautifully designed band around your finger. At first glance, most people won’t even recognize right away that it’s a tattoo. 

Like a conventional wedding ring, the tattoo version is just as meaningful. But with a tattoo, you can be much more creative. You may mark it with almost anything you desire. You can add your lover’s initials. You can even add floral elements or memorable icons. 

There’s a vast range of ideas you can apply. As long as you work with an expert tattoo artist, your wedding ring tattoo will turn out stunning. Your tattoo artist will likely ask about important elements that you want to add. From significant dates to meaningful symbols, it’s possible to make your tattoo as unique as possible. 

What Should I Consider When Getting a Wedding Ring Tattoo? 

To determine if this type of tattoo is the right option for you, it’s important to ask yourself some questions. Remember that tattoos can last a long, long time. Unless you choose to get laser removal later, they will stay on your skin. 

Before getting inked, consider the following tips. Do not make decisions hastily. When you take your time and do proper research, you’ll have a decision you won’t regret later on. 

Make Sure You Want a Tattoo and Not a Traditional Band

First, ask yourself: Do you really want to get inked instead of wearing an actual, physical wedding band? Your personal taste and preferences will come into play when making a decision. If you’re already a tattoo enthusiast, then another tattoo may heighten your interest. A meaningful and symbolic ring tattoo will definitely be an exciting addition. 

On the other hand, if you’ve never been inked before, you’ll have to think very carefully. What makes you opt for tattoo rings? Is it just a fad that temporarily attracts you? Or is it something you’re completely sure of? 

When you ask yourself these questions, you’ll be able to think about the pros and cons of the option at hand. Also, remember that your relationship is a two-way street. Ask your partner the same questions. Consider their opinions on the matter. It’s important that both of you want the same choice. Don’t proceed if you feel that your partner is hesitating. Talk it out before scouring for prospective tattoo artists. 

Does Your Current Job Allow Tattoos?

Find out if your line of work allows wedding band tattoos. Some professional settings forbid any kind of tattoo, even hidden ones. The last thing you’d want is to get in trouble at work for unknowingly violating the rules. Talk to your superior about your tattoo plans to stay on the safe side.

In some cases, a ring tattoo is actually a safer option for workers. Accessories such as rings pose a hazard in some work environments. If you feel that a wedding band tattoo makes much more sense for your work, then it may be ok to give it a try.

Are You Willing to Wear the Tattoo for the Long-term?

Like any other tattoo, a wedding ring tattoo will remain on your skin for many years. Unlike a real ring, a tattoo ring cannot be easily removed. Thus, be sure you’re actually willing to have your wedding band tattoo for quite some time. 

If you want to get rid of your ink much later, then you may have to undergo laser removal. Keep in mind that laser removal doesn’t happen overnight. It typically involves several sessions. Also, it can be rather painful. In some cases, it can also leave a scar. 

Do Proper Research When Finding an Artist


Knowing that a ring tattoo is a lasting commitment, you’d want nothing but the best. Check out the work of reputable professionals. Go online and see their websites and portfolios. Review their social media pages to get a feel of how they work. With thorough research, you’ll find highly skilled artists who deliver superb results. 


Ensure that your prospective artists specialize in wedding ring tattoos. Ideally, their portfolios should show their best ring tattoo masterpieces. Ask around to collect recommendations from friends and colleagues. 


If it’s possible, do an interview first before scheduling a tattoo session. You should be able to share and discuss your ring ideas. With a professional artist, you’ll feel confident that your tattoo will look exactly how you envisioned it. 


After Having Your Ring Finger Tattoo


When your wedding day comes, here are some things to think of once you’ve gotten your wedding tattoo:


Allow Your Fresh Ring Tattoo to Heal Properly


Remember that your new tattoo will need enough time to heal completely. This means you and your partner shouldn’t get your ink just a few days before your wedding. You don’t want to show off a reddish tattoo on your wedding day. 


It’s normal to notice a bit of peeling and scabbing after inking your skin. Remember to keep your tattoo area completely clean and dry to avoid infections. 


Knowing how hectic your schedule will be, you’ll likely be very busy. Plan ahead to ensure you have time for all the things you need to do. Get your tattoo several weeks before the big day. With a fully healed tattoo, you can move more easily as you prepare for your grand event. More detailed aftercare instructions will be discussed further below. 

Is It Okay to Get Inked After the Wedding?


Having your finger tattoo weeks before your wedding is the ideal option. This way, you can show off your beautiful tattoo symbols to friends, family and guests. As long as it heals properly, you’ll be good to go.


However, you might think that the healing process can be quite a hassle. You’ll have to always make sure your ring tattoo is clean and dry. If you think it will impede your wedding preparations, you can choose to have it done after the wedding.


What are the Advantages of Wedding Band Tattoos? 


Ring tattoos offer certain advantages that make them a sensible option. Here are a few:


They Allow Plenty of Creativity


With wedding ring tattoos, you can express your creativity as much as you want. Your options are not limited to a round band. You can add meaningful icons and design elements to make your tattoo truly unique. It’s fun to personalize your tattoo to make it stand out. 


Many couples have their ring tattoos tailored to their personal taste. Some choose to add their partners’ initials. Others opt to have their wedding date inked on the side of the fourth finger instead of a band shape. 


Ask your tattoo artist about your choices. Browse our collection in this article to get ideas. You’ll find a variety of interesting finger tattoos to suit your style. 


It’s important to discuss what you want with your partner. Gather your favorite ideas and show them to your soon-to-be hubby. 


Your Ring Tattoo Stays With You All The Time


A wedding band tattoo can be incredibly convenient. By having a ring inked on your finger, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your wedding ring. Wherever you go, your symbol of love stays with you. If you’re forgetful and you tend to misplace things, having a ring tattoo will save you from headaches. There’s no need to think about removing your wedding band at any time of the day. Your fourth finger stays comfortable and accessory free as you want.


Wedding Band Tattoos Can Be Cost Effective


Traditional wedding bands can cost thousands of dollars. Depending on the material and design, you may have to shell out a significant amount of money for your ring. On the other hand, ring tattoos can be relatively less expensive. Still, remember not to choose the cheapest option around. Be sure your tattoo artist delivers superior results. Your tattoo is a long-term choice. The last thing you’d want is a poorly made or easily fading tattoo. 


Are There Disadvantages to Wedding Ring Tattoos?

While finger tattoos can be creative and cost effective, there are also certain disadvantages to them. Consider the following cons before making a decision. 

Your Ink May Fade  After Some Time

Like all other types of tattoos, a wedding band tattoo will start to blur over the years. Bold, dark colors may get lighter eventually. Constant exposure to sunlight will affect the longevity of your tattoo. 

Proper care also matters. It’s important to keep your ring tattoo well-protected. Put on some sunscreen before heading out. Apply a fragrance-free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid rubbing or scratching your finger tattoo. With these steps, you’ll be able to maintain the vivid look of your tattoo. Your ink will look beautiful for a long time. 

Touch-Ups May Be Necessary

As mentioned earlier, fading is inevitable when it comes to tattoos. However, you can get touch-ups to refresh its look. When you see noticeable fading, just revisit your tattoo artist for a touch-up session. Your tattoo will look revitalized afterward. Touch-ups may be needed every several years or so.

What are the Most Popular Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas?

Various designs are available for wedding band tattoos. You can personalize the look of your own ring tattoo to make it your own. Check out the following popular design ideas: 

Celtic Ring Tattoos

Celtic knots create a timeless look that you’ll love for the rest of your relationship. It looks rather traditional and expresses your creative nature. Celtic ring tattoos typically symbolize love, faith and loyalty. With their meaningful symbolism, they are a great option for lifelong partners.

Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos

These are very cute matching tattoos. They portray the words “Mr.” on the husband’s ring finger and “Mrs.” on the wife’s ring finger. The design looks simple but quite adorable. When your fingers intertwine, the matching theme will definitely put a smile on your faces. Choose a lovely cursive writing for this word-based design. Plain black is an ideal color. However, you can opt for any other favorite color. 

You may also go for other fonts and lettering designs. Just think about personal design elements that speak to you and your lover.

Compass Ring Tattoos

Instead of a typical plain wedding band design, you can go for a creative compass ring theme. Your and your partner’s tattoos don’t have to be completely identical. Yours may look more minimal and dainty, while your partner’s finger tattoo may look bolder and more defined. 

A compass tattoo basically represents guidance. As you go through your life, your commitment to each other will guide your marriage. You’ll both trust each other to move towards the right direction. You’ll sail through rough times and rely on each other through thick and thin. A compass tattoo also symbolizes entering a new chapter in your relationship.

Wedding Date Tattoos 

To commemorate the date of your wedding, you can have it permanently tattooed on your finger. Get creative and go for Roman Numerals for your wedding-date-themed tattoo. You can have your ink on the side of your fourth finger instead of the typical round band. Black is also the go-to color for this type of simple tattoo. Still, you may incorporate other elements and colors to make your tattoo more unique. 


How Much Do Wedding Ring Tattoos Cost?  

Various factors affect the exact cost of a ring finger tattoo. People usually pay around $50 to $300 for a ring tattoo. Depending on where you live and the complexity of the design, you might have to pay a bit more. If your design is quite personalized and requires intricate detailing, getting inked may also cost more. Nonetheless, a wedding ring tattoo still costs considerably less. Traditional engagement rings typically cost thousands of dollars.  

Compare the work and fees of different artists. More reputable artists typically charge more. However, keep in mind that the quality and end result of your tattoo largely depends on your chosen artist. So don’t skimp on the cost. Choose the best artist who can deliver as promised.  

Plan Carefully  

Most tattoo shops require clients to schedule an appointment. Make sure that the day you’re getting inked doesn’t clash with other wedding preparations. You may choose to get tattooed weeks before your big day or several days after. Ideally, two weeks before your wedding is the right time to have your wedding band tattoo.  

Don’t wait until the last minute. You wouldn’t want to panic when your tattoo doesn’t heal properly because you’re busy with many things. Proper aftercare must not be neglected. If you keep on rubbing and dampening your fresh tattoo, you’ll increase risks of infection. Bleeding and scabbing are also possible.  

Thus, make sure to plan carefully weeks ahead. Tell your artist about your honeymoon location. If it’s somewhere tropical, you might think about swimming in the ocean. Your artist will let you know when you can allow your tattoo to get soaked in the water. Keep in mind that complete healing is crucial. Avoid exposure to water and sunlight before your tattoo fully heals.  

Caring for Your Wedding Ring Tattoo  

To keep your fresh wedding band tattoo in pristine condition, proper maintenance is key. Follow the recommendations of your tattoo artist. Generally, here are the steps involved in tattoo aftercare:  

  • Your artist protects your fresh finger tattoo with a bit of petroleum jelly and then wraps it with a bandage. 
  • After around 24 hours, you’ll have to take off the bandage and cleanse your tattoo using water and an antimicrobial soap. Carefully pat dry. 
  • Dab an ample amount of an antibacterial ointment as suggested by your tattoo artist. 
  • Apply your ointment or moisturizer regularly after cleaning your tattoo properly. This helps keep your skin well-hydrated. 


Whichever tattoo you choose, be sure to select a motif that fits you and your partner. Think about shared interests and unforgettable memories. Make sure your chosen tattoo is something you’ll be comfortable to explain to curious guests. Just keep it simple if you want to express minimalism. You can also try a more complex design, as long as your artist can execute it flawlessly. With the tips above, you can have a striking wedding ring tattoo that suits you just right.