125+ Ideas/Pictures That Prove a Zelda Triforce Tattoo is Awesome

One of the best ways for a lover of the Zelda Triforce game series is to get one of the very cool Zelda Triforce tattoos. If you have had the opportunity of playing any of the series, you will agree that Zelda is one of the greatest games in history.

Usually, people like to get tattoos of things or people they care about. If you are a true gamer then you will be interested in looking through our catalog of these evergreen tattoos. Choosing one out of the many Zelda tattoos might be a very difficult task.

To make things easy for you, we have brought you a list of Zelda Triforce tattoos that you could choose from.

What Zelda Triforce tattoos mean

Just in case you didn’t know, the inspiration for these tattoos was drawn from one of the greatest games of all time, at least in our books. Millions of people all over the world have played this game series. The game bears several meanings to different people. This is why many people see the Triforce symbols in several lights.

Some of the many meanings associated with the Triforce symbols include:


These tattoos have a way of reminding the wearer of how powerful they can be. It reminds them of how much power they have on their inside. It is not new that a lot of people constantly wade in their feeling of powerlessness. Asides reminding one of power, it brings to mind the responsibility that comes with it.


Courage is one of the values that Zelda teaches is courage. These tattoos will always remind you that you can win in real life. All you need to do is to be brave.


Another value that Zelda imparts on you is wisdom. This value teaches how to use the information at your disposal and is very important for everyday life.

Luck and fulfillment

When you gain the three triforces in the game, it means you have your wishes granted. When you have this tattoo, it could spin you a bit of luck and grant you ultimate fulfillment.


One of the main characters in the game is Link. He is recognized for his humility, not just being a skilled swordsman. You may choose a tattoo representing this character, especially his sword. This way you always remind yourself of the need to remain humble.


Best Zelda Triforce Tattoos

zelda triforce tattoo

Mid-Forearm Triforce tattoo

This tattoo is bold, unique, and beautiful. This is one of the most subtle tattoos you could get. Whenever you need to cover it, you just need to wear a long sleeve shirt. On the other hand, when you feel like, you can show it off to the world.

Crown and Triforce on thumbs tattoo

Many people love to get finger tattoos because they always look so cute. These ones look like they will never be complete without each other. The colors used make them stand out really nice. Considering the space available for the design, the artist must have put in a lot of work to make them look this good.

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Zelda Triforce chest tattoo

Many Zelda tattoos are set on the center of the back. This one is a deviation from the norm, it sits right in the middle of the breasts. It is cute and the jet black color makes it resemble a tribal tattoo. If you feel like being rebellious with your tattoo, then you can show it off when you are in the mood. Otherwise, you can hide it with a high neck top.

Mid-upper back Triforce tattoo

There are several triforce tattoos that are inked to the back, but this one is quite different from every one of them. This one sits in the middle of the upper part of the back. The placement makes it stand out in the most amazing manner. The great thing with this tattoo is that you can play with several designs, it all depends on how creative you are.

Zelda Universe on thigh tattoo

This tattoo is drawn in a cameo style and it brings to play the traditional tattoo artistry to birth a distinct Zelda flavor. One glance at this tattoo mesmerizes you, especially with the way the triforce symbol stands out in the middle. The rest of the tattoo is a mix of several elements of the Zelda universe.

Link’s Sword tattoo

If you feel like you are always ready for battle, then this is the right tattoo for you. It helps you show everyone that you not the kind to be messed with, whether in real life or on the game. The position and color make it very unique, you should totally try it out.

Lower back Link Sword Tattoo

This is another tattoo showing Link’s Sword. This time it is drawn on the lower back, just away from the center. This location already makes the tattoo very unique, especially with the fact that there is no coloring. This tattoo fits well on a woman’s body and can be covered or exposed at will.

Collection of Zelda Tattoos

What else looks cooler than a collection of similar Zelda tattoos? These tattoos are all around the waist and pelvic region of the wearer in the image above. You can choose a different placement location depending on what suits you. To add more glam, you can add a few other types of tattoos.

Full spread triforce tattoo

Though it is a complete triforce tattoo, the color makes it resemble a tribal tattoo. It is inked on the upper back, spreading all through. Never has a tattoo looked so cool, memorable, and mesmerizing. It will you the center of attraction when you visit the beach during summer.

Wide open eye Zelda triforce tattoo

The wide-open eye is always seeing, nothing goes unnoticed. This tattoo is great for someone who considers herself very wise and conscious of the environment. It sits on the back, just below the shoulder. It is really attractive and can be covered up when you want to. One more thing, the shading is impeccable.

Winged Triforce tattoo

Wing tattoos are very famous these days and this variation shows how creative the artist is. The artist births a total masterpiece by adding some wings to this triforce tattoo. The tattoo shows off the traditional orange and black colors. One thing that stands out is the symmetry of the tattoo, it is amazing.

Zelda Planet tattoo

This tattoo is one that would have taken a couple of sessions considering the fact that it spreads over the whole back. With how beautiful it is, you should show some pity to the wearer who never gets a firsthand view of this masterpiece. It covers the whole of the Zelda Universe or Planet or whatever you want to call it. It is going to take a lot of time for you to sit and go through the intricate details in this tattoo.

Zelda Coat of Arms tattoo

This is one of those full-color tattoos that will standout any time, any day. The mix of bright blue, red, and yellow is attractive and the tattoo sits in the middle of the thigh. When you place a tattoo on your thigh, it means you want to control viewership. It is an intimate zone, but the tattoo will always make you unique at the beach or a pool party.

Releasing the Zelda wonder tattoo

If you love subtle color play, this tattoo should appeal to you, it is simply amazing. Obviously, this is the work of a very talented artist who knows his onions. It must have taken a few hours to complete but every second must have been worth it. Check out how the Triforce symbol stands out in yellow color amidst all the other elements of this masterpiece.

Hidden crystal full back tattoo

This tattoo covers the whole back and then has a crystal hidden at the bottom. One would wonder if this was the wearer’s secret power source. The whole tattoo is colorful and very masculine. It is really cool and attractive.

Lower belly triforce tattoo

This location is very sexy, and placing your tattoo here will help you show off your sexy side. The shading of this tattoo makes it look unique. Rather than have a plain black shade, it has black outlines and patterned inner shading.

Below shoulder orange Zelda tattoo

This spot seems like a great location for a Zelda tattoo or any tattoo for that matter. This tattoo gives the wearer the impression that she’s got protection with every step she takes. By the way, the yellowish orange color really stands out.

Hip Zelda Triforce Tattoo

This lady must be a Zelda fan through-and-through, she even has a Zelda book to go with her hip tattoo. The hip is a cheeky spot and a tattoo placed here can be hidden at will.

Tribal Zelda tattoo

This tattoo totally resembles a tribal tattoo because of its jet black color. It is properly hidden behind the shoulder and you can show it off with an off-shoulder or monostrap top or gown. The fact that the tattoo isn’t too big makes it classier.

Upper back tattoo

The shading of this tattoo makes it stand out. It is really cute as it sits in the middle of the two shoulder blades.

Eye behind the shoulder tattoo

Check out how pretty the all-seeing eye is behind her shoulder. The color even matches her top.

Other Zelda Triforce Tattoo Ideas

Zelda Triforce tattoo placement

The placement of tattoos generally plays a major role in how the tattoos are being perceived and the meanings they carry. Different people may decide to place the same tattoo on different parts of their bodies, based on their preferences.

If you want to get a large tattoo then you’ll probably be considering your back or chest regions. The larger the space, the better a larger tattoo will look. For smaller locations, like the fingers or wrists, you should be considering something equally small. Most times, these small tattoos bear a lot of detail, it all depends on how creative you can be.

In placing the tattoos you may also consider your pain threshold. Some parts of the body are more painful than others. The fleshier parts of the body are not as painful as those that have little flesh and more bone. This is because the needle hits the bone directly which is definitely more painful than when the needle just pieces the skin with a lot of muscle underneath.

Zelda Triforce Tattoos Wrap Up

We can guess that you must be a lover of the Zelda game series and you have been inspired by our catalog of Zelda Triforce tattoos. These tattoos will give you that deep connection you have always reached for with your favorite game. We will love to read about your experience with these tattoos in the comments section. By the way, the best way to get them this cool is to work in tandem with your tattoo artist.