The ways to arrange male and female interior preferences

Moving in with the opposite sex always brings so many changes into your life. Any interior where a man and a woman coexist sooner or later becomes the reason for debate. Man and women are known to have a different approach to decorating their properties. So the question is how to find a compromise so that the furnishing in the house brings peace and harmony for both of you.

Separate half of the areas to decorate on your own

Furnishing is considered to be a women’s field, but when designing an interior, one should also take into account the preferences of a man. While you can be in charge of the kitchen and a living room, your partner can come up with his office ideas. So leave it to his willing, because the office takes a special place for a man, where he can work, entertain playing newest microgaming casinos, or simply relax.

In the male interior, you can observe materials such as wood, leather, glass, stone. For men, everything should be simple and clear. They prefer status furniture, appreciate mobility and functionality.

The female interior, on the contrary,  involves the presence of gold, silver, intricate, and extraordinary images. Through all these details, women want to show their charm. Refinement, sensuality, and beauty are female benchmarks.

When choosing a color scheme, be sure to determine which hues suit both of you

Speaking about men’s taste in color scheme,  it is rather restrained, containing many dark chocolate shades. Men like the gray in all of its variations, and often in brutal interiors, you can see the predominance of black in the decoration of furniture and walls. These shades symbolize maximalism and power.

Meanwhile, women have their own representation of home coziness. The girlish interior distinguishes by many floral prints, textiles, lace, mirrors, glossy surfaces, and delicate floral shades.

To agree on the color scheme designers recommend getting rid of excessive sweetness in the setting. Try to add less pink, lace, and ruffles. For balance, it is worth adding more wood, glass, and leather elements. Let both feminine beauty and masculine strength be in the house. If the flowers in the house symbolize femininity, then the clock on the wall may represent the male, as well as the part of the wall, which can be decorated with bricks. Nevertheless, it still depends on the chosen style.

For instance, if the furniture involved the dark colors of wood, leather, animal skins, then the masculine character prevails here. However, refine lines soften the design by the presence of fair colors, a mirror in a gilded frame, a crystal chandelier with pendants. It renders a shade of fragility and female beauty.

Agree on the quantity and placement of knick-knacks

Unbelievably, but the details may be a real cause of troubles. It is a well-known fact that women have a craving for details and like chamber furnishings, vintage knick-knacks, sophisticated furniture with smooth lines, whereas men prefer clear lines in the furniture, rough texture in the decoration, and a minimum of details.  It is what accurately distinguishes the male interior on the contrary with the female.

So choose those knick-knacks that are truly valuable for both of you. Put the items, which annoy you somehow, in the ‘personal areas’. The shade of power can be rendered from the masculine and feminine approach to design; then the living space will be comfortable and functional.

As you can see, living together may be not so troublesome as well as picking up a suitable interior for both of you. Your partner can take on the ideas’ generator role, while you, in turn, can immediately imagine how these ideas will look like in real-time interior. However, it may happen vice versa. Eventually, to come to what would suit everyone is a worthy goal to consider all ideas and compromise on them.