Tips for Arranging Recliner Furniture in Your Living Area

Americans love recliners because they offer the comfort and relaxation of a bed, without having to hit the sack. Thinking of investing in a recliner chair? Here are simple considerations and tips for arranging recliner furniture in your living area.

#1 Make a sketch based on the chosen focal point

Your living room could have a natural focal point that quickly catches the eye, like a fireplace, built-in bookshelf, or wall of windows with a fantastic view. Other focal points can be created, such as a magnificent piece of artwork, a wall-mounted entertainment unit with TV, and accent walls. Arranging your furniture around a focal point ensures that your living area exudes a sense of sophistication and class.

Sketching with different layouts will make the entire process an easy one. The sketch allows you to discover potential issues that may arise with the arrangement of the furniture in each plan. If it has to do with space, getting smaller furniture will afford you enough space to walk around the room freely. It saves you the trouble of having to reorder the furniture until you find a perfect fit.

#2 Create layout templates

After you have chosen the preferred layout from your sketches, it is now time to create a floor plan for your entire furniture. With sheets of paper taped together, you can form templates of the different sofas, end tables, the recliner, and coffee table, according to their actual dimensions. For the recliner, its size should be that of a fully extended one to give you a full view of what the furniture arrangement will eventually look like.

You can also move these templates around the floor space of your living room, sampling different layouts until you find a suitable arrangement. With accurate measurements, you can save the time and energy required to rearrange the actual furniture when they eventually arrive.

#3 Size of the recliner

This sounds obvious, but the size of your room determines how big your recliner should be. Recliner Time advise people living in small apartments with limited space to opt for wall-hugger recliners, which have a lower range of motion. They provide comfort, can be positioned near a wall, and look like a regular chair until fully reclined. Buying the right recliner size will ensure that you do not eliminate other sofas to find space for its placement. The size information should be available from the online store or furniture showroom.

#4 Recliner spacing

When placed too close to the wall, using the recliner can be a challenge as it can get damaged from rubbing against it. You do not want to redo your wall finish a few days after acquiring a piece of reclining furniture. On the right spot, your recliner can be extended sufficiently to provide the desired comfort without obstruction from walls and other furniture.

To ensure that your recliner lasts well and doesn’t get any damage from the wall and other furniture, allow a minimum clearance of 12 inches. This spacing applies to fully extended recliners to prevent scuffing from walls and other furnishings in the living room. Whether it is the bookshelves or end tables, damage to your new reclining chair from excessive friction would have you spending money on a replacement within a short time.

An excellent place to position your recliner would be a corner where two walls meet, giving you a great view of your surroundings while you ease back and relax.

#5 Extra tips

Your recliner should not block the path of people trying to move around the living room to ensure that it does not look or feel cramped. If the room still appears that way after repositioning the recliner, you may consider removing a piece of furniture altogether. Closing the recliner every time to allow someone pass can be discomforting and defeats the purpose the reclining furniture as you do not get to relax fully.

Adequate spacing also prevents injury to active pets and children within your household. The recliner should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees, giving you a great view out the window, while you are also able to watch the TV. With end tables around the corners of your reclining chair, you can have everything you need within reach, including the TV remote, a book, a phone, or drinks.

The button or lever for operating the recliner should be easily accessible while the furniture is in use.


The recliner allows users to comfortably relax while chatting with friends, reading a book, or watching TV as if they are on a bed. You can take quick naps or enjoy a view of your surroundings when positioned correctly. Getting the most out of this vital piece of furniture is dependent on its placement to give you a look and feel that you desire. Enjoy!