155 Amazing 3D Tattoos That Will Make Your Body Come to Life

When you get a tattoo, you want to make sure that it’s one that inspires awe and beauty. After all, you’ll be wearing that tattoo for the rest of your life. Therefore, it needs to be “alive” together with you.

And what inspires life more than 3D tattoos? These types of tattoos will look so real, you won’t even know that they are a tattoo. So, if you want to “scratch the itch” and add another amazing tattoo on your skin, here are a few models that you might find intriguing.


  • Guitar Neck Tattoo

Those who are passionate about music and guitars are probably so attached to their musical instruments, they probably consider themselves one with it. This is why this guitar neck coming out from under the skin is such a great tattoo. Plus, it’s so realistic that you actually think there is a guitar stuck in there.

  • Music and Roses

Music is life and when you add roses to it, it seems to catch even more life. This tattoo, despite the fact that it is fairly large, still manages to be elegant and sexy – all while expressing a passion. For roses, for music – or for both.

  • Bloody Mouth Tattoo

The brave souls might actually look forward to 3D tattoos such as these. Bloody, macabre – and for some even fairly disturbing – this 3D tattoo of a bloody mouth looks so real that you might just think it is going to eat you.

  • Wall Scalp Tattoo

Hard-headed takes on a different meaning with this tattoo. Many people are afraid of getting 3D tattoos on their scalp skin, mainly because they think it will be more painful than your average tattoo on your arms or legs.

While it may be true, the result might also be incredibly satisfying. Even if you no longer have hair, this does not mean that your scalp has to be boring – so why not tattoo it? Sure, you might not be able to see this particular tattoo, but other people will take it as a message not to mess with you. Plus, the advantage is that if you ever want to hide it, all you have to do is grow your hair – or buy a wig.

  • Skeleton Tattoo

We are all flesh and bones – but our bones cannot be seen if we are alive and well. However, 3D tattoos of this type allow their owner to see his bones under the ripped skin – without the pain associated with it. It’s cool and realistic – and definitely what you might need.

  • Colored Guitar Tattoo

Generally speaking, the more color you add to a tattoo, the livelier it will seem. This is why this 3D tattoo of a guitar head coming out of a guy’s arm is such a great choice.

Think about it; with 3D tattoos of this type, even if you leave your guitar at home, it would seem as if you have brought your baby with you. Most artists tattoo their own guitar on their skin – this way making the tattoo even more personal.

  • Cupcakes and Roses

Cupcakes or roses? Well, why not both? This person made the best out of two worlds and created a sleeve from two of his favorite things. That rose looks like you can almost smell it, whereas that cupcake looks delicious enough to eat.

  • Heart on Fire Tattoo

The right tattoo design can express a certain degree of passion – and nothing expresses a passionate soul more than a tattoo of your heart of fire. These types of 3D tattoos have gained a fair share of popularity – and it is up to the user to decide how big they want the flame to be.

  • Compass Tattoo

We all need to find our way into the world – which is why a compass tattoo is something that most people would find appropriate. This tattoo, in particular, looks just about ready to take off your arm so that you are sent in the right direction.

  • Getaway Car Tattoo

Some people love cars, other people love money – and then there are the people that love both. This 3D tattoo was made from a smart perspective, practically looking like it’s driving away from the user’s arm – with a pile of cash escaping from the trunk.

Now, if that tattoo does not say cool gangster on the run, we don’t know what does. Plus, the details make the car look extremely realistic.

  • Angel Wings

There’s something special about tattooing a pair of wings on your back – and if they look like they are just ready to unfurl, then that makes the tattoo even more amazing. This design has shading in just the right places, making it look like a realistic work of art and turning its owner into an angel.

  • Ladybug Tattoo

Big tattoos, protruding bones or other extreme stuff are not every tattoo enthusiast’s cherry pie. This is why this discrete ladybug can be such a suitable choice. Plus, the shading looks so realistic that you think it might just fly off your foot at any time. 

  • Rose Tattoo

One can never go wrong with roses. They are elegant and immortal – and a rose tattoo made by the right artist will make you seem like you are actually watching that bouquet of flowers every day. This tattoo makes the owner’s sleeve come to life in a dark yet mysterious and beautiful rose pattern.

  • Portrait Tattoo

Portraits should always be made in 3D mode – particularly when you add them as a tattoo. This particular design is made so well, you’d think the model is looking straight at a particular object.

The coloring is monochrome; however, considering that the shading and details were so meticulously made, everything looks extremely lifelike.

  • Flower Sleeve

The best thing about sleeve tattoos is that you can add countless designs in it in order to make a whole. This particular sleeve contains multiple types of flowers – all drawn so realistically that you could say they resemble a bouquet. It is very ladylike – but also appropriate for a man if he is passionate about flowers.

  • Wasp Tattoo

Imagine the face that people will make when they see a giant hornet climbing up your back. You know it’s a tattoo, so you are not worried – but the panic on their face will be priceless. This 3D tattoo of a hornet is so realistic that it will fool everyone looking at your back.

  • Colorful Splash Tattoo

If you are into full leg colorful 3D tattoos, then this splash-style tattoo has everything that you might need. From realistic to abstract, it feels like you have an entirely different world tattooed on yourself.

  • Monochrome Rose Tattoo

All hail the rose tattoo once more. This particular model combines 2D and 3D patterns – looking as if the rose is just sitting on a stunning frame. The shading was also beautifully done, to the point that the rose actually looks real. It is intriguing – and definitely eye-catching.

  • Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Everyone has a bit of madness and mischievous side hiding within them; however, you can suggest that with the right tattoo. This tattoo of the Cheshire cat poking from within your body will allow other people to get a peek at your inner mischief – and maybe creep them out a bit by how realistic it looks.

  • Portrait and Crow

Crows and portraits have also been popular when it comes to 3D tattoos. Some believe the crow is a symbol of intelligence; others believe it helps a soul pass through into the other life. Needless to say, this tattoo expresses certain deepness while looking realistically beautiful.

  • Butterflies Tattoo

Some people love butterflies. They love their freedom and their colorful looks that brighten everything up. This is why 3D tattoos with a swarm of butterflies on your back are such a cute and classy choice. This particular model looks like the butterflies are landing directly on you.

  • Text Underneath Skin

If you like to read, then this type of tattoo should definitely be up your alley. The artist made the pages seamlessly come out of the skin – making the owner literally look like a manuscript hidden underneath the skin.

  • Spiderman Tattoo

Everyone has their inner superhero – and this tattoo expresses just that. Hidden underneath the skin, there is Spiderman waiting to emerge and save the day.

  • Piano Keys Tattoo

If you are a pianist, then this tattoo will surely seem attractive to you. The keys and design look so real that you could just reach and start playing. It is proof of shading work done right.

  • Dragon Eye Tattoo

Fan of The Hobbit much? How about tattooing Smaug’s eye on your arm? It will make you look dangerous and cool – as if a dragon is just about to emerge from your body.

  • Birds Tattoo

Birds express freedom, just as the clear blue skies express the ability to go anywhere your heart desires. This realistic tattoo of blue skies and birds peaking from underneath your cracking skin will show off your adventurer spirit – your desire for freedom.

  • Batman Tattoo

Superheroes to the rescue once more. This guy wanted to be Batman, so he made it look like the Batman costume is hiding right underneath his skin. The most amazing thing is that everything from the ripped skin to Batman’s armor looks so realistic, you can barely believe it’s actually a tattoo.

  • Spider Tattoo

This is a tattoo with arachnophobia’s biggest nightmare – but if you are passionate about spiders, then this Black Widow tattoo is a great one to have. Plus, once more, the shading was done at such a superior level that you’d actually think the spider is crawling up the owner’s body.

  • Back Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbons can always make a plain outfit look cute and classy – but when you are not in the mood to dress up, a ribbon tattoo can make you look that way without actually going out of your way. This particular model is the perfect example of that.

  • Butterfly Tattoo

What were we saying about butterflies? Yes, that they are colorful and free. This tattoo of a butterfly that just landed on the owner’s back makes them seem as if they just came out of a fairy tale – with the butterflies coming up to them as if they are flowers.

  • Skull and Rose Tattoos

Skull and roses – what more could you ask of 3D tattoos? This particular model has been so meticulously made that you feel as if you could just pick the rose from in front of the skull. It’s dark, but with a certain elegance and immortality attached to it.

  • Back Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbons can always make a plain outfit look cute and classy – but when you are not in the mood to dress up, a ribbon tattoo can make you look that way without actually going out of your way. This particular model is the perfect example of that.

  • Pocket Watch Tattoo

Tattoos are supposed to be timeless – so what better way to express that than by tattooing a watch on your body. If you have a particular time you want to immortalize, you can go for a 3D tattoo such as this one – and you will forever remember that important moment.

  • Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are mythical and beautiful – particularly if you have them done in a 3D design. This tattoo will make you seem like the Mother (or Father) of Dragons, with your dragon always being close to you. Plus, the art has been so meticulously handled that the dragon actually looks real.

  • Snake Tattoo

Those of you who love snakes will certainly want one or two tattoos of this kind. If you are the owner of a pet snake, you may even want to take their pattern and tattoo it like this guy just did. It will be like carrying a picture of your favorite creature with you – only the picture will be embedded on your skin.

  • Ribbon Tattoo

This is the type of tattoo that you don’t know is a tattoo unless you actually look close enough. 3D tattoos of ribbons wrapped around your ankle will look elegant and discreet – bringing a touch of style to any pair of shoes that you might be wearing.

  • Elephant 3D Tattoo

Elephants express power, intelligence – and a type of friendliness that can’t always be rivaled by most humans. This is why this full back 3D tattoo of an elephant has such a deep impact. Plus, the artist made the tattoo look so realistic that it actually seems the trunk is coming out of the man’s body.

  • Anatomy Tattoo

We are all muscles and nerves underneath – but because of our skin, those parts of our body cannot be seen. These types of 3D tattoos will allow you to see what truly lies underneath your skin – and why not, give you an anatomy lesson. This is the type of tattoo that can come in handy to med students.

  • Converse Tattoo

We all love Converse shoes for the fact that they are so comfy – but some people love them to the point that they tattoo them on their feet. The good news is that even if you are walking without any shoes at the beach (or anywhere else), you won’t actually look as if you are walking barefoot.

  • Water Drop Rose Tattoo

As mentioned, when in doubt, go for 3D tattoos shaped like a rose. This particular design encompasses all the colors or a rose – one that has been touched by the rain or the morning dew. It’s beautiful and elegant – and will definitely make any backless dress look very classy and accessorized.

  • Pizza Tattoo

They say that a man’s love goes through his stomach – or in this case, on his stomach. And we all love to have a slice of pizza at the end of a long day. Some people, however, love pizza so much that they are willing to tattoo it on their body. This particular design is so realistic that you may just want to reach out and grab that slice of delicious-looking pizza.

  • Time Passing Portrait Tattoo

You know a tattoo has been skillfully made when it looks as if a face is coming out right from underneath your skin. This type of tattoo holds meaning – either of a person that is dear to you or as a reminder that time is passing and you cannot do anything about it. Either way, it is indeed stunning.

Final Thoughts

3D tattoos are a great way to make your body come to life. You add something that looks real and create another reality in the composition of your skin. However, bear in mind that in order for a 3D tattoo to look its best on your skin, you’ll have to look for a skilled artist – even though they might ask for a higher price.

Do not go for the one that says “I can do the same tattoo for less.” Most of the time, the result will be disastrous. And it becomes even more so once you realize it will stay on your skin forever.

Don’t be afraid to invest in a professional tattoo artist, even if they have higher prices. The final result will definitely be worth it.