Beautiful and Thoughtful Wrist Tattoos to Inspire From

Tattoos have been the inevitable part of human life for centuries now. Starting with ancient Maya culture and ending with the modern era, tattoos take up a significant part in lives of many people. It does not matter whether you use tattoo art to decorate yourself merely or to express something important by granting the deeper meaning to your particular tattoo.

The truth is that it is nice always to be aware of what the current trends are about. In case you do not know – there are ink trends to follow as well. For instance, these days, small wrist tattoos are incredibly requested. That is why we decided to talk about the particular trends as well as treat you with a portion of ideas to inspire from.

Positive Wrist Tattoos

There are so many connotations that you can entitle your tattoo that it is difficult to describe. However, in the vast majority of cases people forget about the value of positivity. What we are driving at is the fact that there are times when you look at something, and it lifts your mood straight away. Why not convert that object into a tattoo so that it is close to you all the time? We think that the wrist would be a perfect placement for such a tattoo.


Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies are beautiful, no one can deny it. That is why butterflies are very required in the world of tattoo art. What is more, butterflies can be quite inspiring since it is that perfect example when something as unappealing as a caterpillar becomes a lovable butterfly. Think about it, and who knows how your wrist tattoo will look like!

Sun Tattoo On Your Wrist

If you think about it, sun is the source of life. Whether you like it or not, but most things do not grow in the dark and sun is that one thing that lightens our paths throughout the years. If you are looking for a tattoo that has a potent meaning to it, the sun can definitely be it. Besides, there are so many looks and representations to choose from that it is difficult to list them all in one place.

Owl Tattoo Ideas

Who is the wisest bird of all? Of course the mighty and witty owl! However, there is more to the owl symbol than just that. The fact is that owl on the wrist usually signifies hope. That is why if you think that all is lost, but you think of getting a tattoo at the same time – own is a worthy tattoo idea to consider, you can trust us on that!

Secret Meaning Tattoo

To be honest, there are rarely people who come up with their own tattoo design, but when they do, it is something only the enlightened people can understand. If it happens so that you do not want to wear a tattoo that someone else has already thought of, it is high time you create your very own secret tattoo!

Wrist Tattoo Made Out Of Words

It is amazing how one word may mean so much to someone. Be it ‘love,’ ‘hope,’ ‘breathe,’ or anything else that means a lot to you – do not be shy to depict in on your wrist. It may mean nothing to someone who sees it for the first time, but for you it may mean the world, and that is what matters most.

Floral Tattoo On The Wrist

If there is anything more gentle and feminine than a flower, no matter the kind – we haven’t heard about it. That is why so many girls opt for floral tattoos recently. However, we should warn you that almost every flower has a meaning to it, and it is best to research the subject before getting it permanently inked on yourself.

Invisible Tattoos

There is a fresh tattoo trend that is hitting all the charts now – almost invisible tattoo. In the majority of cases, it is drawn with white ink or with ink that only glows in the dark. If you do not want others to notice the tattoo on your wrist or it is very dear to you to show to all the people around you – go for invisible ink.

Matching Wrist Tattoos

Matching tattoos are getting highly requested among best friends these days. That is why if you and your BFF have always dreamed about getting inked – why not do it together? Besides, what can be a better placing for a matching tattoo than your wrist?