110 Winning Ideas For Your Next Butterfly Tattoo!

Butterfly tattoos are by far the most prevailing mark choices. Butterflies are the endearing gifts from the nature. Emerging from the not loved Caterpillar to the most vibrant butterfly, these lovely creatures symbolize love.

Additionally, butterfly marks grace, freedom and beauty.

Butterfly art meaning

To a lot of people it defines soothing peace, for some the liberty, defines womanhood to some, some endurance, yet for some it defines the journey from pain to parcel. However, some even consider it as the representation of Jesus.

Further, in Greek mythology it symbolizes the goddess of soul. There  are several meanings to a butterfly tattoo depending on how you see it.

If you’re confused about your new tattoo design, or furthermore confused about whether or not to get a tattoo, lets try to sort this here.

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Reasons you want a tattoo for

Firstly, it is very important to know the actual reason behind your ink decision. You should have a specific thing in your head, else, you’ll be always confused about what to do. Moreover, where to do, how to do, what colors to use as well as what design to adopt is equally important
let me make this easy for you : do you want to get a tattoo; 
  1. For a new look :  you want to add a new look to your personality, for a change in an artistic way. On the other hand, tattoos often define spiritual desires, beauty and rituals.
  2. Something in your skin you want to take with you : we are born naked and we leave the world naked. Having a tattoo is the only thing in your skin that you can supposedly take with you.
  3. Just for a change : Sometimes being bored with the tired self, one might want to feel innovative. People frequently want a change in their look. As the matter of fact, the most proper decision to do so might be getting a proper art in your body.
  4. Because everyone’s having it : These are the days of trends. If a lot of people are doing it, a lot more will do it and that’s very obvious. In the same fashion, you might just want to follow the trend.
  5. You have a story to tell /remember : Suppose you had a most unforgettable day. For example, the date of the birth of your child could be the day to mark. Your mother’s/father’s birth date, the date in which the love of your life proposed you could be a mark to make. Moreover, the day you got married, the day your long cherished dream got fulfilled etc. Even the days when you had every reason to give up on life yet you chose to live. Some specific days are just worthy to be inked.
  6. You believe you have endured a lot to be worthy of having it in your skin : You believe you have conquered through it all. You’ve won through every dreadful situation in your life. You have every right to get the specific art in your body
  7. Furthermore, you want to cover your lovely flaws : Suppose you have your lovely imperfections. You don’t want to be vulnerable, thus you want to cover it with a pretty art. What could be more lovely than the vibrant butterfly?

Make yourself 100% sure  before you ink.

Why a butterfly tattoo?

(These butterfly tattoos meaning will tempt you to get one !)
  • Symbolizes beauty, pain and endurance

If you’ve a tough life and you’re winning it with all you’ve got. You are not willing to give up, this idea is the best for you!

  • A new beginning

Butterfly depicts a new beginning, from the flawed Caterpillar to the colorful butterfly. It has its own beautiful journey and having it in your skin represents your own journey. Flawed yet winning. It portrays the transition of old life to a new one. A new beginning!A new life!

  • The skin tales 

The scars in your skin, flawed yet beautiful. Nothing can be a better idea than to cover the flaw by a butterfly. Someone said it perfectly-“turn your flaws into beauty marks”

  • To get to your  highest confident self

You got to be your Lowest self to get to your highest self they say. If you have had a bitter life changing experience, the butterfly clearly depicts you, resembles you and strengthens you.

  • Defines feminism 

The life of a women is never easy. Uniquely they stand so bold and beautiful despite the difficult situations. The act of bringing the human life into existence is a sacred virtue, just like a butterfly.

  • Making a statement

The butterfly tattoo defines the fun, the free, the happy, the calm as well as a chilled out personality. Similarly,the big butterfly tattoo defines the love for freedom and bold characteristic of the human. The small butterfly determines the cuteness, the charm and the peaceful characteristics of the person. Thus the decision of the butterfly size depends on how you want to be defined !

  • Connection with the nature 

Butterfly is one of the finest creations of the nature. To ink the butterfly image lets you vibe with the nature, its processes, its decisions and its blessings.

  • Adds value to your life 

Gives a meaning,a statement, a definition to your life and its journey. Choosing the correct butterfly art lets you portray yourself in a correct manner.

     (The limit is the imagination)

The Types Of Butterfly Tattoos To Express Yourself Perfectly

  • Simple: the lovely colorful butterfly itself is the art to leave people in awe of life.
  • Small butterfly tattoos: the cute lovely butterfly tattoos, determines the delicate nature of the lovely creature and expressing oneself with such art is exquisite.
  • Rose and butterfly: the surreal combination of rose and butterfly can be a statement to make .Analyzing the picture of life, the pain, the hard times leading to a beautiful creation.
  • The monarch butterfly: the name monarch is given in honor of king William III of England. The butterflies go through a prolonged metamorphoses and emerge as the loveliest creatures. The butterfly having a distinct orange, black and white wings.
  • Semicolon with butterfly wings: the semicolon represents the sentence the writer could have ended but chose not to. Similarly this tattoo idea for those who have been affected by suicide but decided to struggle and live through the life,marking it, to forever remember the struggle and the choice of living. In like manner, this tattoo possess a very intense meaning.
  • Butterfly tattoo with a name: you could mark your body with the art of someone you dearly love and admire. The memories of people that you want to be with forever.
  • The tribal butterfly: the specifically different characteristic butterfly, mostly black colored contouring.Tribal butterfly tattoo mostly resemble the masculine side of the person. So if you love the butterfly art, but a little hesitant to have it because you feel the butterfly is more on the feminine side, this one is for you.
  • The watercolor butterfly: the transparent butterfly art, leaving your body into a lovely canvas .The light soothing colored butterfly art will get you to the cool,calm and the breezy side of life.
  • The 3D art butterfly: Natural real form of tattoo, seems like a pretty butterfly has just landed in your body. A lovely impression to mark. Make it colorful and you’ll have a butterfly full of life.

The areas in the body to have the tattoos on

  • Skull: It determines the fierce side of the human. The bold and the sustaining nature, the masculinity and the freedom of living on its own will. The skull in the human body protects the brain that functions the regulations of the entire being. The art of butterfly in the skull is immensely bold and gives a peculiar pleasure of protection.
  • The face :The most vulnerable part of the human being. Having a butterfly tattoo in the face area is the one of the most lovely possessions you could ever have. This clearly symbolizes confidence and the act of being able to deal with criticisms.
  • The shoulder :The human branches, the human machines, the human workers, the shoulders . The lovely butterfly tattoo in the shoulder defines the femininity in the masculinity. Carrying the thunderous responsibilities with a lot of grace and warmth.
  • The back:The human trunk,they say. The entire body survives and stands with it. The erection of the human body from a tiny tot to a beautiful person, the back has its own journey, just like a butterfly.
  • The neck: One of the most sensitive parts, the pretty neck gives you the soft vibrant look with the butterfly. How lovely it looks to have the softness of neck and the light of the butterfly!
  • The waist: Having a butterfly tattoo in the waist can be an entirely personal decision. It gives a sexy look to the body !
  • the thighs : Thighs tend to be one of the painful areas to get a tattoo, the reason being the soft muscles in the area. These butterfly tattoos can be fairly sexual. Even appreciable for those who don’t want to flaunt their tattoos very often.
  • The wrist: The wrist tattoo hold a very ideal and a personal meaning. It usually links with a dear family or a friend. It is moreover a very intimate choice to make. The wrist is the area you wear your watches and jewelries. Similarly, it is a very sensitive area to have an ink. Butterfly tattoo in the wrist holds a deep and a personal meaning.
  • The palms: The fortune holder, the blessing seekers,the palms hold a spiritual meaning in terms of tattooing. The butterfly in the palms denote that, the life i live, the freedom i desire, the difficulties that make me, are in my hands. They are completely mine and i own my life.
  • The fingers: The most concise tattoo. The classy butterfly tattoos in the fingers is a very confined cute way to attain the desire of getting a tattoo.
  • The ankle: One of the most popular tattoo area in the body. If you want to ink,but very confused about where to put it,and have no idea how it’ll look on your skin, the ankle is the best idea for you.
  • The toes: Just like the fingers, the concise and the classy tattoo for the beautiful prominent feature in your skin.

And anywhere you desire: Entirely depending on the personal choice and desire , butterfly art is the most pretty art you can carry with you.

The color(the popular ones )

  • Plain and simple black butterfly: The black color represents the power, the strength and the elegance and sophistication. Every character showcases the feature of the butterfly.
  • The reliable blue colored  butterfly: The color blue represents the the loyalty, peace and stability. The mild color gives a perfect blend in art making .
  • Multicolored: Multicolored represents the natural vibe in the art making.The combination of color contrasts. The blend of the highs and the lows. The brew of the dims and the Brights. The jumble of the elegance and the dull, additionally gives a surreal combination to a butterfly art.
  • Two colored : The two colored butterfly tattoo normally could be blue and black. Correspondingly the red and black, the yellow and orange, yellow and red, each represents its own identity and characteristics.
  • The lovely yellow butterfly: The attention grabbing yellow, entitles optimism, comfort and liveliness. It also indicates the feeling of happiness and energy.
  • The bright red  butterfly: The bold and fierce red speak for determination, desire, passion and courage. It correspondingly depicts warmth, radiance and socialism.
  • The mellow green butterfly :The reliable green appear for the optimistic healing nature of the living being.
  • The light sunny orange : The cheerful orange speaks for the stimulation, creativity and also the bright side to life.
Here are few ideas for your next tattoo!
The Skull tattoo is the symbol for fierce and bold nature of the butterfly
butterfly-tattoosThe palm denotes the control of ones freedom and choices in life.The free nature of the butterfly will take you places Tattooing for oneself on the area of intimation The personal intimate choice of tattoo and the area of art formation
The menacing butterfly depicts the lovely untamed strength in your shoulder
The bold and the powerful butterfly showcasing the life of a flowerThe fierce radiant vibrations depicting plenty of colors and its prominent features
The free spirit butterfly, the one standing tall all alone
The most painful area to ink! Make it worthy by marking the most beautiful life of a
butterfly.The black, bold and beautifulThe blue and the red color together give the natural vibe of peace and harmony.
(beautiful feet will take you beautiful places)they say!
Shouldering responsibilities in a liveliest way possible
 Colorful pulses give you colorful functioning!
The butterfly marking colorful, vibrant and life full of liveliness
Soft skin and bold artFierce and calm
Flawed yet very lovely Art is an expression of life, some colored some shaded Dark and fierce.The bold and earthy.The grey conservatism butterfly tattoo to outcast your traditionalism and 
A cute remark
The painted pigmented type butterflyThe bold, powerful and elegant butterfly!
Dark, colorful and vibrantLovely imperfect butterfly!The reserved strength butterfly!The casual outcast butterfly  Colored, healing, calm and relaxed butterfly tattooDark and vibrantThe serious black pair!
3d art, seems like a butterfly just landed in your shoulderThe soothing water art representing the life of the a butterfly, clean and pure!The intensely strong and bold butterfly art The lovely two colored butterfly to make a statement. The black color representing 
the sophistication. And the pink depicting the liveliness.Butterfly and a flower, the circle of lifeThe 3D mellow art of a butterfly Intensely brave and beautifulThe mild and the quietPeace and PurityIntensely bold and royal butterfly art
The ferocious back, showcasing the development of butterfly into bigger brighter and
colorfulसम्बन्धित छवि
The wild relentless The dramatic detailed butterflyFlashy, reassuring, magical butterfly Harlequin
The rich red and the evocative blackThe passionate, determined butterfly art
 3d monarch, the black representing the formality and the yellow depicting the 
optimismFierce poly chromatic Tattooing butterfly in the palms define the words-"I live by my own terms and 
freedom"Dark skull butterflyChromatic butterfly artFierce and hued butterfly tattooThe Unmistakable butterflySprightly rich butterfly Dainty pleasure
Colorful butterfly leaving its mark and vibration!Soothing, mild and peaceful artColorful butterfly disbursing its radiant colors!Adorable salient art Passionate colorful butterfly art Conservative, traditional, butterfly art.


Here are a few more ideas on the butterfly tattoos