150+ Daisy Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Feminine Side

Daisy tattoos are gradually becoming very popular among women these days. It is not a wonder why since they are so beautiful and are very appealing to the eyes. Asides their beauty, they have a very strong history that dates back centuries ago.

These tattoos symbolize beauty and royalty and can be worn in different sizes, colors, and merged with different types of body art. Every wearer usually has a special meaning attached to these tattoos. Considering how rich the history of these tattoos is, every wearer adorns them with a sense of pride and vibrancy.

Finding the best daisy tattoo can be quite difficult because there are so many variants out there. To inspire you, we have brought you a list of beautiful daisy tattoo ideas to choose from. Before that, let’s check out some key information about these beautiful tattoos.

History of daisy tattoos

Every kind of tattoo has a bit of history if you can take time to trace it. For years, the daisy flower has been linked with different cultures of the ancient years from all over the world. Roman mythology tells us that the nymph known as “Besides” turned herself into a daisy flower as she danced amidst a large orchard. The intention was to create the perfect disguise and escape from “Vertumus,” the orchard god.

Daisy flowers also have a strong relationship with Christianity as well. Many Christians have linked the flower to the purity and innocence of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Several deeper meanings can be deduced when the flower is associated with many of the symbols that form the basis of the Christian faith.

The flower was also seen as a symbol of innocence during the medieval era. To signify how pure and innocent they were, the innocent maidens went about with daisy flowers.

Around the 1960s, daisy art began to gain popularity all over the world. So, it earned a reputation for being a symbol of peace and tranquility. It was not strange to be seen children with this sort of body art, many of them had it at the time. It was a way of showing the rest of the world that they were lovers of peace.

Beautiful daisy tattoo ideas for women


Black and white daisy tattoo on the inner arm

These tattoos bear a lot of detail even though they have no other colors. The image shows two variants of the same tattoo, one with a single flower and the other with a couple. Whichever you choose, it still looks really cool.

Half-sleeve black and white daisy tattoo

This tattoo stretches from the shoulder to just above the elbow. It is drawn in two colors, black and white, which makes it a classic. It features just three daisy flowers and the artist gets creative with the background using a neat shading technique.

Colorful daisy with text on the leg

If you are a lover of colors then this should work for you. The flower is drawn in a black outline with a blend of colors on the petals. There’s some text close to the flower, probably dedicated to someone special. The placement of this tattoo means the wearer is not afraid to show it off, especially when wearing short skirts or bum shorts. You can try this out in a blend of several colors.


Pink Daisy on the side with date

Pink daisies are so beautiful and so is this one on the side. It is a very private tattoo because of the placement. The wearer can show it off when she desires or cover it up at work or anywhere else that doesn’t allow you to show off your tattoo. The date must be a reminder of some landmark event, you can modify it by adding yours.

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Daisy with leaves on the forearm

This pink daisy contrasts perfectly with the green leaves. The placement is special because you can have it covered whenever you please. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt when going to work and afterward, wear something with shorter sleeves so you can show them off to your friends.

Black and white daisy flowers with green leaves

There are three flowers with two awake and one asleep. The white color on the flowers means the wearer feels innocent and pristine. The location is just perfect for people who like to be private with their tattoos. People will only see them when you desire.

A splash of colors daisies with a butterfly

There are so many colors in this tattoo so it should be a great idea if you are a lover of colors. The flowers seem to be from a luscious vine and the butterfly is doing what butterflies do, seek nectar. The wearer of this tattoo definitely loves nature and enjoys proclaiming this love to the world.

Black and white leg tattoo with text

When a tattoo is placed on the leg, regardless of the color, it is always sexy and attractive. This one is drawn in black and white showing off how classy it is. To make it more beautiful, the wearer adds some text. You may decide to add some text of your own to add some spice. Consider the name of a loved one or a word dear to your heart.

Multicolor daisy with other flowers

A lot of creativity definitely went into this tattoo. The artist brings together different flowers of different colors, including daisies. The splash of colors makes it really attractive, definitely a great pick for someone who likes to attract lots of attention. This is mostly a feminine tattoo, because of the predominant pink colors.

Black and white vine and bouquet daisy tattoo

This half-sleeve tattoo that extends from the elbow to just above the wrist. The mix of flowers makes the tattoo really attractive even though there are no colors. The wearer has a little text at the wrist-end of the tattoo. If you are a lover of flowers, then this will do you some good.

Yellow daisies with green leaves

Yellow and green will always create an amazing contrast, just the type you need when you want to attract a lot of attention. The whole tattoo has a black outline which gives the impression that it is embossed on the hand. The color of the flower is synonymous with intelligence and a jovial attitude. The green flowers symbolize life. Bring the two together and you could be passing a serious message in the most cheerful manner.

Wine, pink, and purple flowers with text daisy tattoo

How about this for a flower collage? There’s a mix of roses and daisies in this tattoo, all of them in different color shades. The artist creates a beautiful background with a shade of purple which signifies royalty. We already know that daisies have a strong relationship with royalty. You can add some text in a creative way just like the wearer of this tattoo.

Pink and yellow daisies tattoo design

The wearer has three large daisies, one of them stands out in yellow while the other two are pink in different shades. It is obvious she wants to show off her feminine side but she also wants us to know that she is cheerful and intelligent. The artist adds a background of green leaves in a faded manner.

Small daisies on the inner arm tattoos

The wearer has three small daisy flowers tattooed on her inner arm. The flowers are drawn in black and white and are lined up in a straight line. The flowers are the same size. She is definitely happy with her tattoo even though the placement only allows her to show it off when she decides.

Another black and white daisy tattoo

This is another very beautiful black and white daisy drawn on the inner arm between the elbow and wrist. While the petals are drawn in white and have black shades, the center is shaded in yellow while the green leaves create a perfect background.

Blue daisies tattoo design

This is a great tattoo for you if you are an emotional person or you have a very soft heart. The artist was probably trying to create a Picasso effect with this tattoo, and he sure did a great job at that.

Other Daisy Tattoo Design Ideas

Meaning of daisy tattoos

By now you must have noticed that daisy tattoos have several meanings. Usually, these meanings are based on what the wearer of the tattoo decides. However, there are certain meanings that have become associated with these tattoos over time. Here are some of them, they should give you a better understanding of these tattoos.

  1. Patience
  2. Femininity
  3. Emotion
  4. Happiness
  5. Serenity
  6. Boldness
  7. Youth
  8. Love
  9. Gentleness
  10. Vanity
  11. Peace
  12. Beauty
  13. Innocence
  14. Luck
  15. Purity

All of these are qualities portrayed by women mostly which is why they are predominantly viewed as female tattoos.

Where to place daisy tattoos

Tattoo placement plays a very significant role in how the tattoo is being perceived. This is why when getting a daisy tattoo, you must take the placement into consideration. If it is placed in the wrong location, it is likely to look awkward or get misunderstood.

It is an undeniable fact that the decision regarding tattoo placement ultimately lies with the wearer. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you take time to study where a tattoo can be placed before engraving a daisy tattoo.

Your best bet is to get advice from your tattoo artist or ask a few friends that have gotten daisies tattooed on their bodies. Before you do that, here are some of the most common placements of daisy tattoos.

On the back

The back is regarded by most artists as the biggest and best tattoo canvas on the body. There’s a lot of space to express their creative art. Usually, when you want a very large tattoo, it is advised that you place it on the back. You may decide on the upper or lower back, depending on what size of tattoo you are looking at having.

On the arms

Different parts of the arms or the whole arm are also vintage locations for daisy tattoo placement. You could try the upper arm, just below the shoulder for a vine and bouquet tattoo design. You may also want to consider a small daisy on your forearm, towards the wrist. Then you can opt for either the half-sleeve or full-sleeve tattoos, both will look really cool and attractive.

On the thigh

The thigh is a very personal location and it has a little twist about it. First, since it is a private location, you can decide when to expose it and who gets to see it. Second, it is a location that shows off your sexiness. If you like to show how sexy you are, then you should consider putting your daisy here. But the privacy of the location could mean only your special one would see it.

On the stomach

This is another very sexy location to place your tattoo. You may try placing it on the lower abdomen, around the navel, or on the side towards the waist. Regardless of where you put it, it will still be as beautiful and sexy as ever.

On the chest

The chest is also a wide tattoo canvas and it allows for the expression of tattoo art to the fullest. As a woman, you may have a small daisy engraved on one of your boobs or just above it. It is definitely going to spin some heads when you go to the beach.

On the leg

A tattoo placed anywhere on the leg will look really attractive. While some people prefer having the tattoo on their calf, others would rather go for the ankle area or the foot. The idea is being comfortable with the location and ensuring that the tattoo still carries the message.



Daisy tattoo design ideas you could consider

When you begin to consider the idea of having a daisy tattoo engraved on your body, the first thing that comes to mind in the design. Choosing a design can be a real job considering the tons of designs that are available.

The truth is that all of these designs, or at least most, are really attractive and beautiful. However, not everyone will fit perfectly well on your body. It is important that you pick a design that not only fits you but satisfies the purpose why you are getting the tattoo in the first place.

Below are some of the most common designs you could choose from. You can use them as the basis for your next tattoo.


Smiley daisy tattoo design

If you are very playful fellow then you might just get a few smileys on your body to establish that fact to the world. All you need to do is work with your tattoo artist to come up with a very unique smiley daisy tattoo design. This should match your playful personality perfectly. With a simple smiley at the middle of a daisy flower, you would have created a very lovable design. This must be creating some images in your head already.

Tribal daisy tattoo design

Tribal tattoos are among the oldest and most popular tattoos to have ever existed. They are not usually colorful so if you are a lover of full-color tattoos, they might not appeal to you. However, if you want something classic or vintage, this is definitely your best bet. They are made up of bold black lines and curves and they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. They also work perfectly for both males and females. You can a little color but too much defeats the purpose of getting a tribal design.

Religious daisy tattoo design

We have already established the fact that daisy flowers are linked to several religions and are very symbolic in this respect. This simply means that if you are a religious person and a lover of tattoos as well, you can enjoy both with this tattoo. For example, you have a few daisies surrounding a cross tattoo. You may also choose an image of Jesus Christ and have it adorned by daisy petals. It all boils down to the message you want to pass and how comfortable you are with the design.

Vines and bouquet daisy tattoo design

If you want to make a statement and stand out as the center of attraction, then you can pick this tattoo design. There’s a lot you can achieve with this design, all it will take is some creativity from your artist. He won’t be drawing just one flower, he will be doing a couple which brings forth amazing beauty when he is done. To make the whole tattoo more intriguing, the flowers and vines can be linked together creatively.

At the end of the day, the daisy tattoo design you pick is dependent on what you are comfortable with and the kind of message you desire to pass across. You should also consider how much pain you are willing to bear. Some designs are more painful than others because they have more elements and cover more area.

Daisy tattoos roundup

Daisy tattoos are really gorgeous and will look good on anyone. You must be inspired by our list of ideas, you can try any of them and share your experience with us in