65 Splendid Sagittarius Tattoos To Give Your Skin A Splendid Look

The ninth zodiacal sign is the Sagittarius, it spans from November 23 to December 21, and the ruling planet is Jupiter. The sign is linked to Chiron, a centaur who is a half-human and half horse. Chiron was a master in the art of archery and was Achilles’ archery mentor according to Greek mythology, and it is no surprise that the Sagittarius sign is also called the archer. Sagittarius symbol is the bow and arrow, and it is commonplaced in Sagittarius tattoos.

The Sagittarius sign is represented by a Centaur, Chiron, who happens to have been Achilles’ mentor in archery. According to mythology, the Sagittarius never misses a shot and is a healer with a spiritual intelligence that unites both the earth and heaven. Tattooing is an ancient art that incorporates different symbols with meaning to the wearer, and as such, Sagittarians who love the tattoo art sport Sagittarius tattoos proudly on their skin.

Sagittarians are fun, have a very great sense of humor, and as such make for enjoyable company. They love to travel, have a keen sense of adventure, goal-getters, a curious spirit, and extroverted. Sagittarius folks are very philosophical, and this reflects in their life choices, actions, art, and even their Sagittarius tattoos, Sagittarius loves freedom, full of enthusiasm, and love to explore the world.

The most common motifs of the Sagittarius tattoos are a centaur with a bow and arrow, and sometimes it’s a human with a bow and arrow, the letter ‘S.’ Sagittarians tattoo the constellation of their zodiac on their bodies too, the tattoo can be just a north-east pointing arrow. Zodiac tattoos usually incorporate floral motifs, celestial elements such as moon, planets, and stars, they also have glyphs.

Sagittarius tattoos can be placed anywhere but are usually placed on the forearms, shoulder, necklines, ankles, and back.

Sagittarius tattoos contain deep symbolism; the symbol of the Sagittarius is an arrow pointing up, which signifies aiming at a higher spiritual purpose in life. The tattoos can include symbols of Jupiter. Sagittarius is a fire zodiac. Symbols of fire in Sagittarius tattoos represent the passion of the Sagittarius, braveness, warmth, and the light to chase away the darkness. The Sagittarius archer signifies how Sagittarians aim high, and their quest for knowledge and the Centaur represents wisdom. There more symbols associated with the Sagittarius Zodiac, and we’ve compiled some tattoo designs incorporating them with their meaning.

Below are splendid Sagittarius tattoos designs.

  1. tattoo design for the Sagittarius. Floral Sagittarius Tattoo: This Sagittarius constellation on the forearm is made up of flowers; this is a trendy Zodiac constellation tattoo design and can be placed anywhere.
  2. Outline of a Centaur Bow and Arrow: This is a minimal yet lovely tattoo showing just the outline of a centaur pointing his bow and arrow upwards. Also See: 125+ Ideas/Pictures That Prove a Zelda Triforce Tattoo is Awesome
  3. Female Archer tattoo: The dot work on this tattoo is masterfully done to depict a female archer. sagittarius-tattoos
  4. Winged Bow and Arrow tattoo: A beautiful Sagittarius tattoo masterfully combining the Sagittarius constellation and glyph with a bow and arrow, the wings are a lovely touch.
  5. Arrow pointing North: This tattoo merges the Sagittarius arrow and symbol into a single glyph.
  6. Female Archer and Sagittarius constellation: A beautifully drawn female form holding a bow merged with the Sagittarius constellation, makes this a splendid tattoo design for the Sagittarius.
  7. Cute Sagittarius Cat: Cats are cute and adorable creatures, that’s why this tattoo of a cat with the traditional Sagittarius bow is so sweet and lovely.
  8. Tribal Sagittarius Bow: This tattoo is influenced heavily by tribal tattoo designs, and the blue color makes the whole design stunning.
  9. Minimal Arrow and Sagittarius Glyph: Sagittarius tattoo design for lovers of minimal tattoos.
  10. Sagittarius Flower: A beautiful intricate floral design
  11. Colorful Sagittarius Bow and Arrow with Geometric Designs: Traditional Sagittarius bow and arrow with geometric designs made even more splendid and exquisite by the fiery orange and calming lovely water coloring tattoo style.
  12. Cute Bow and Arrow: A cute bow and Arrow tattoo design.
  13. Artsy Sagittarius Arrow Glyph: This glyph is a very arty design, it creatively turns the Sagittarius arrow into a unique glyph that represents both arrow and the ‘S’ symbol of the Sagittarius.
  14. Minimal Bow and Arrow: A very minimal and cute bow and arrow design on the shoulder.
  15. Sagittarius and Jupiter Glyph: This shows the Jupiter glyph merged with the arrow glyph. Jupiter is the ruling planet of the Sagittarius zodiac, giving this tattoo a deep symbolic meaning.
  16. Splendid Sagittarius Constellation and Archer: A magnificent Sagittarius tattoo, it depicts an archer with fiery red hair and the Sagittarius constellation.
  17. Arrow Pointing North: A simple glyph yet very bold tattoo design depicting the two most important symbols of the Sagittarius.
  18. Majestic Centaur Archer: This tattoo portrays the Centaur, a brave and noble creature who, according to legends, taught Achilles and made him an excellent archer. This tattoo symbolizes that Sagittarians always hit their marks.
  19. Lovely Archer: A female archer preparing to take a shot, it depicts a Sagittarian on a mission, as Sagittarius is known for always seeking things out.
  20. Sagittarius Watercolour Constellation: The Sagittarius constellation made lively with a splash of watercolor.
  21. Bow, Three Arrows and Date: Three different arrows, three different targets, and best believe they will hit their marks. This makes a great tattoo choice for the focused Sagittarius.
  22. Minimal Sagittarius Tattoo: Here is another minimal Sagittarius tattoo design.
  23. Twin Bow and Arrow with Celestial Design: The twin bow and arrow Sagittarius tattoo incorporate the moon into the design, celestial bodies are a common feature of astrological tattoos.
  24. Sagittarius Constellation Linked to Jupiter: If you want a Sagittarius constellation on your arm, it’s a cool idea to add an image of Jupiter to it to give it an extra layer of symbolism.
  25. Geometric Arrows: A geometric design showing two arrows pointing in the opposite direction.
  26. Geometric Floral Sagittarius Tattoo: Geometric circles are used to form a floral pattern, and an arrow lies beneath them, this is a unique Sagittarius tattoo design.
  27. Artsy Archer Centaur Tattoo Design: A very arty design of a centaur with lively colors give this tattoo a splendid look.
  28. Pretty Centaur Archer: This looks like a scene out of a children’s fairy-tale book, with the lively colors and the heart background and flower adornment.
  29. Centaur Archer: The shading technique used in this tattoo creates a gorgeous portrayal of a centaur with his bow.
  30. Simple Northern Arrow: An arrow pointing north is one of the symbols of the Sagittarius zodiac, and this simple tattoo design perfectly depicts that with the inclusion of the ‘S’ glyph.
  31. Calligraphic Sagittarius Tattoo Design: Calligraphic rendition of the ‘S’ glyph with an arrow pointing northeast makes this Sagittarius tattoo a unique and splendid tattoo design.
  32. Sagittarius Constellation: Sagittarius constellation tatted on the neck.
  33. Splendid Sagittarius Archer Tattoo: A well detailed and beautiful Sagittarius archer tattoo shows a female Sagittarius in her grandeur and magnificence. The talent of the tattoo artist most is applauded, because the shading brings a lot of detail, and makes this one of the best Sagittarius tattoo designs.
  34. Grand Centaur: This is a very pretentious centaur tattoo and a great tattoo idea for the Sagittarius male.
  35. Arrow Pointing Northeast: A simple Sagittarius tattoo design with the arrow pointing northeast.
  36. Striking Archer Centaur: This is a picture-perfect pose of a magnificent centaur made, even more striking with the shading technique.
  37. Archer Centaur Pointing Upwards: Sagittarians are always aiming upwards towards a goal making this tattoo an accurate representation of the Sagittarius.
  38. Beautiful Female Archer Centaur Tattoo: A colorful female centaur tattoo with a bow, the colors make the tattoo even more attractive.
  39. Muscular Centaur: This tattoo depicts a well-ripped centaur male with the traditional Sagittarius arrow.
  40. Ornate Bow and Arrow Design: If you’re looking for a unique Sagittarius tattoo design, this elaborate bow and arrow is an excellent choice, the intricate design gives it a gorgeous feel.
  41. Artistic Centaur Sketch: A beautiful and creative tattoo of a centaur, the Sagittarius symbol.
  42. Ornamental Bow and Arrow: This is a very intricately designed ornate bow and arrow. To call this design beautiful is an understatement; it’s a unique Sagittarius tattoo placed on the ankle, although it can be placed anywhere.
  43. Arrow Pierced Centaur: This tattoo depicts a centaur pierced in the heart with an arrow; it’s a quite somber tattoo design.
  44. Bow and Arrow Geometric Design: A minimal bow and arrow with geometric circles, the elegance that comes with this simplicity are unmatched.
  45. Intricate Female Archer Design: A very intricate Sagittarius tattoo of a female archer with an arrow pointing upwards.
  46. Cute Baby Centaur: Everyone agrees that babies are cute; this baby centaur brings an extra level of cuteness to Sagittarius tattoos with the beautiful watercolor design.
  47. Watercolour Centaur: This is a winged centaur with a stunning watercolor splash, giving it an extra fantasy feel.
  48. Gallant Centaur: This is a beautiful tattoo of a centaur with a bow.
  49. Knight Centaur: The centaur knight in shining armor tattoo, lovely design, an exciting depiction of the Sagittarius symbol.
  50. Geometric Circles with a Bow and Arrow: This tattoo incorporates geometric circles with a bow and arrow, this makes for a cool and straightforward Sagittarius themed tattoo.
  51. Sagittarius Starry Constellation: This is the Sagittarius constellation depicted entirely with tiny stars; this is a cool design.
  52. Jupiter Sagittarius Glyph: The glyphs representing Jupiter and Sagittarius when combined make a cool and simple tattoo design.
  53. Upward Pointing Ornate Bow and Arrow: An ornate bow with an arrow pointing upwards.
  54. Sagittarius Constellation on the Wrist: This is a simple Sagittarius tattoo on the wrist.
  55. Valiant Sagittarius Woman: This is a female depiction of the archer, the symbol of the Sagittarius with stars. This is a well detailed, beautiful tattoo.
  56. Unique Sagittarius Design: A unique Sagittarius tattoo design just below the neck on the back.
  57. Creative Centaur Tattoo Design: This innovative and unique tattoo has elements of Polynesian tattoo style while integrating Sagittarius symbols.
  58. Minimal Centaur Tattoo: This is a minimal outline of a centaur.
  59. Magnificent Archer Centaur: The detail and shading technique used in this tattoo brings out the brilliance and magnificence of the Centaur.
  60. Beautiful Arrow and Sagittarius Glyph: An excellent design depicting an ‘S’ wrapped around a curved arrow.
  61. Small Sagittarius Bow: This is a tiny bow and arrow in the forearm; this is as minimal as Sagittarius tattoos get.
  62. Artistic Female Form Archer: An elegant woman, this tattoo depicts a Sagittarius woman archer, with stars and planets revolving around her.
  63. Foot Sagittarius Tattoo: A minimal Sagittarius tattoo design on the foot.
  64. Sagittarius Constellation on Neckline: A Sagittarius constellation delicately placed on the shoulder.
  65. Minimal Sagittarius Glyph on the Wrist: This is the ‘S’ glyph morphed with the Sagittarius arrow glyph.
  1. How do I prepare to get my Sagittarius tattoo?

A day before getting the tattoo, get enough rest, eat well, and stay hydrated. Wear non-restrictive clothes.

  1. How fast does a Sagittarius tattoo heal?

Tattoos heal between three to five weeks, be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any health issues before getting a tattoo.

  1. When should I not get a Sagittarius tattoo?

You should not get a tattoo when you’re under the influence of alcohol, drugs, pregnant, post, and pre-surgery.

  1. Who can get a Sagittarius tattoo?

Sagittarius tattoos are usually worn by Sagittarians but can be sported by anyone as long as you love it, it is your body!

  1. Are there age restrictions on getting Sagittarius tattoos?

Laws concerning tattoos vary by country. The legal age for most countries is 18, and if you’re under 18 years of age, you will need parental consent.