Best Friend Tattoos – 80+ Tattoo Ideas for Matching Friendship Tattoo

Best friends, two words that unite two people as one. As we grow, we have a close friend who’s been there through thick and thin. As the course of your friendship becomes deeper, you both might want to have a matching best friend tattoos. But, before we go into the details. Let us figure out when we will know that person is our best friend.

You’re my best friend!

Best friend or ‘BFF’ is not a childish label. It is more than just reciprocation. There are important situations that will make you realize that you have a best friend.

 All-in Emotional Support

Adult friendships are fewer judgments and critics. We do not want to give unnecessary bad vibes to our closest friend. There are moments that they need our emotional support, mostly when they do not see better days. However, there are moments when we have to call out their inappropriate behavior.

Actively listens to you

Active listening is one of the best and truest parts of a relationship. A best friend will not overreact on what you said. Instead, they will listen and understand what you are trying to say. Most people respond irresponsibly to what they hear. They are easily triggered by petty things.

Best friends would jump a puddle for us

 There are moments that we really need a friend by our side. Best friends would go against the odds just to be with us. You can tell who your real friends when you are at your lowest point.


Best friends have this trait, their thoughtfulness gives more strength and depth in your relationship. This trait helps us see the needs of our friend and we do our best to help them out. Our real friends will really do things that we never thought they would, and that’s amazing.

We can rely on them

 It makes us confident to do things in life knowing there is someone who we can rely on. Our best friends will always be by our side.

They accept us for who we are

There is no perfect human, but our best friends will perfectly accept our flaws. They will rejoice with you during your triumphant days and comfort you when you are in your saddest days.

It makes us feel contented when we know that there is someone who will lift us up. Deep and meaningful friendships are therapeutic. We know that you both have your back. Take on more adventures and enjoy more new things. You may get a matching best friend tattoos as a symbolism of your friendship.

The Importance of Best Friend Tattoos

We all know tattoos will permanently stay in our skin, and that means commitment. It’s the most permanent thing in this world, and it is difficult to remove or replace a tattoo. Do not get me wrong! There are still procedures that can remove or replace tattoos, but it is quite costly.
Why do you think it is great and sassy to have a best friend tattoo? You might want to get one after reading the reasons.

The tattoo symbolizes your friendship

Most people get their tattoos as it represents something special in their lives, and some use it as a form of body modification. The deep moments that left a mark in our lives with our best friends will be forever in our hearts. That’s why you can have a tattoo that marks the importance of your relationship throughout the struggles and victories you both surpassed.

However, there are unfortunate times that will happen in our lives. We cannot forecast that some friendship will naturally fade. Thus, best friend tattoos can also be a symbol for friends who did not leave your side.

Yes! Tattoos can be a brave and creative way to show your best friend how they mean to you. In your whole lifetime, you will carry this tattoo around and it will remind you every day of what true friendship is.

Guide: Best Placement for Best Friend Tattoos

We have so many places in our body where we can put the best friend tattoos. Make sure that when you engrave a matching tattoo, it should be at the same place as your best friend. Same placement and matching tattoos will definitely achieve the essence of best friend tattoos!

Arms, Wrist, and Fingers

These places are the most common for best friends to put their tattoos. When you place your tattoo on these body parts, it can be easily seen and will surely remind you of your best friends. You can choose whatever tattoo you both want to have, it may be an inspiring phrase or unique symbols.

Some would prefer to split the tattoo into different parts, so when your body parts come together, it will be whole.


When we place our tattoos in our chest, it would be close to our heart. We all know we love our best friends, and this would be one of the best placement for best friend tattoos.

Guide: Preparation Tips for Best Friend Tattoos

More people have engraved tattoos in their bodies because there is only little to no discrimination of people with tattoos today. Some people prefer to have small tattoos, while others want a complete tattoo sleeve or some even have their body covered with tattoos.

Matching designs

The first thing you have to prepare with your best friend is a tattoo design. Best friend tattoos have matching designs placed on the same part of the body. Well, if he or she is your best friend, then you would surely get along with what design to put.

But before you and your best friend will get a tattoo, you need to know a few things. You have to understand the whole process you are about to get.

Go to the tattoo artist

So, the next thing you have to do is go to your tattoo artist. Make sure that you already know the artist or it is recommended by a friend to be sure that they are reliable. You have to know that the equipment being used is safe and sterile. Do not place yourself and your best friend at risk. Discuss to the tattoo artist what design you want.

Bring your sketch

You have to bring the sketch or a print out if you already have a design. Choose a design that you and your best friend surely like. You do not want to regret in the future, don’t you? Moreover, make sure your tattoo has a personal meaning or something that can definitely make you remember.

Be sure that you brought your best friend with you at the tattoo parlor. You both need to share the experience and to feel calm. It would be best if you will ask questions to the tattoo artist, this way you will be more informed and guided throughout the entire process.

Tattoo placement

You and your best friend should decide the placement of your tattoos. We have discussed earlier the best parts where to place a best friend tattoo. It is your decision on to which body part to place. Moreover, you have to think of the pain on the part where you want it.

Perfect outfit

Lastly, you have to wear the right outfit. You need to wear something that would allow the tattoo artist to access easily the place where you want the tattoo to be placed. We recommend you to wear loose clothes. If you are planning to have a tattoo on your foot, do not wear closed shoes or socks. Tattoos need air to completely heal.

Tattoo Ideas: Anchor for Best Friend Tattoos

We cannot deny that some of our friendships fade, but the only thing that matter is those who stayed by your side through your darkest days. We all know that anchor tattoos have long been a popular design for tattoos.

Yes, our best friends help us keep grounded. They make us sane! We also make insane things for fun with them.

Anchor means stability and strength. With the deep relationship you have with your best friend, you have the strength and stability to go on with life. Everything becomes lighter with someone who gives you strength.

Tattoo Ideas: Heart for Best Friend Tattoos

Heart for Best Friend TattoosWe all love our best friends, don’t we? The heart shape is the most common symbol of love. Also, when it comes to best friend tattoos, some would get hear tattoos to symbolize their friendship.

Tattoo Ideas: Listening for Best Friend Tattoos

This is actually a cute tattoo idea for best friends. The person has a tin can tied on a thread connecting to the other person. Every deep friendship could relate to this tattoo. It is nice when you put the two together, it shows that the two people are listening to each other.

The tattoo idea shows that our best friends are always there through our darkest times. Our best friends tend to actively listen and talk us through our problems.

  Tattoo Ideas: Peanut Butter and Jelly for Best Friend Tattoos

There are people who cannot stand without a jelly to their peanut butter, these two should always go together. It is the same with your best friend, you should always be together.

Together, peanut butter and jelly makes a perfect sandwich. The symbolism will not be complete without the other.

Tattoo Ideas: Quotes for Best Friend Tattoos

Some partners would love to have inspiring or motivating quotes for their matching tattoos. It would be nice to add some spice to the tattoo, maybe a little imagery would do. However, if you are a minimalist type, you might only like to have the text.

It is also a good idea to have half of the quote to one person and place the remainder continuously on the other person. The quotes should be placed on a similar location when the two halves are placed side by side, you would see a finished piece.

Just like any relationships, friendships would go through rough times. When you have a quote tattoo with your bestfriend, you will be reminded of how blessed you are with a best friend.

Tattoo Ideas: Celtic Knots for Best Friend Tattoos

In case you do not know, the Celtic knot is a symbol for infinite loyalty, love, and friendship. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you have this tattoo with your best friend?

Some would even call it mystic knot or the endless knot. You would not see a beginning and an end with this knot, just like your friendships. You did not notice where it began and now it has no end.

Guide: How to Take Care of the Tattoo

Is it satisfying to finally have a matching tattoo with your best friend? We know you are too excited to show the world about your new tattoo. The tattoo binds you and your best friend for a lifetime. Thus, you have to make sure that you know how to take good care of your new tattoo.

Do NOT remove the wrap

A wrap or bandage is placed around the tattoo, you ask your artist when to remove it. There are artists who wants to leave the wrap for a few hours or even a whole day. It depends on how long it would be best to leave it around your tattoo. Do not remove the wrap until the artist told you to do so.

Do NOT touch or scratch the tattoo

You have to contain the excitement and itchiness of having a new tattoo. Do not frequently touch the tattoo area just because you are in awe of how beautiful the ink is. You might ask yourself why the tattoo site is reddish, do not worry. It is a normal reaction of the skin after it has been inked.

As the tattoo begins to heal, it becomes annoyingly itchy. Do not scratch the tattoo, your skin is healing. naturally. It is not advisable to touch nor scratch the tattoo area. You will be prone to infection and scratching the area may cause to bleeding.

Apply a hypoallergenic lotion

Before you leave the tattoo studio or right after your tattoo is done, the tattoo artist would apply a moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly. Some artists would even give a sachet of it. It is better that you would apply a hypoallergenic lotion because your skin is quite sensitive post-tattoo.

Do you know the purpose of the lotion? These lotion will add an extra protection for the tattoo. More than that, lotions can relieve the pain.

Carefully wash the tattoo

After a few hours, you can wash your tattoo with water and soap. It would be best to wash it with lukewarm water and a liquid body wash. With these things, it would be easier for you to lather the soap without vigorously rubbing your skin.

You need to gently wash the best friend tattoo. You need to be careful not to scrub the area with your fingers.

Do not peel the scabs

Just like any wounds, the tattoo will scab when it is almost healed. It is not advisable to pick up the scabs or flakes. Peeling the scabs will impede the healing of the tattoo. What is worse is it can cause fades and may acquire infections.

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Sun exposure is dangerous

It is not advisable to expose your new tattoo to sunlight. UV rays are dangerous. Thus, you have to wait until your tattoo is fully healed. By then, you can apply sunblock.

Avoid bodies of water

Most of us want to go to the beach or pool to swim and have fun. However, we hate to break this news to you. You are not allowed to swim in the pool or beach. These bodies of water might contain bacteria and might cause infection to your tattoo.

Those are the simple steps on how aftercare should be done with your tattoos. Make it last as how you and your best friend made your friendship last.


Related Questions on Best Friend Tattoos

What symbol means friendship for best friend tattoos?

To be honest, you can have any symbol for your friendship. It solely depends on your perception. Interlocked hearts can be a symbol for deep friendship as it conveys true and binding love. Moreover, some would symbolize their friendship with a yellow rose. Roses convey heartfelt sentiments while color yellow means happiness. We find heartfelt happiness in our friends.

What animal is suitable for best friend tattoos?

Friendship is not only symbolized with things, but animals can also signify a true and loving relationship. Dogs and dolphin are suitable for best friend tattoos. Both signifies loyalty. Aside from that dog symbolizes noble and true, while dolphin signifies trust and spirit of friendship.

What does matching tattoos mean for best friend tattoos?

Matching tattoos simply mean that two or more people will have the same tattoo on their bodies. It is common for couples to have matching tattoos as their way to show their affection. Also, it best friends get their matching tattoos to show their unity and love to each other.

Do finger tattoos last?

Unfortunately, finger tattoos fade faster because of the nature of the activity of our hands. We frequently wash our hands and do tasks that move our hands. Moreover, our hands have a thick surface but it has less fat. Thus, you would really expect that best friend tattoos placed on the fingers would easily fade.


What are the colors for best friend tattoos?

If you do not know colors have their significance too. If you want a color for your best friend tattoos, pink, yellow, and green. The color green is associated with trust, yellow is the synonym of friendship, and pink is associated with affectionate, understanding and caring personality.